Não Posso Comer Tapioca

I wanna tell you about Candomble. But I can’t.I wanna tell you about class today and the sights … Continue Reading

Chove Sem Parar

It’s raining, and I’m sad. I had prepared to walk to class in this and now…. NO. I’m … Continue Reading

Pequena ou Grande? (Big or small)

As I’ve said earlier, in Brazil, certain items are much smaller than in America. Here are three items … Continue Reading

Portugues Para Hispanohablantes

Today I went to my first classes. The first was contemporary Brazil, and the second was portuguese for … Continue Reading

Playing Catch-up

I didn’t tell you about the entirety of Pelorinho because it was a tour, but I was requested … Continue Reading

I Got To See Geraldo Azevedo Ao Vivo Today…

And I have nothing to show for it except super wet clothes. The moments before he stepped on … Continue Reading

When Things Go Wrong

I’m noticing a pattern my first week in Brazil. Don’t make plans. It seems as if every time … Continue Reading

A Few Notes

First thing’s first, a few (not so witty) observations, I love sorvete amendoim. Peanut butter ice cream. I … Continue Reading

Small Victories

Before I begin with this story, can I just say that my room, and homestay house is awesome? … Continue Reading


This is a not so good picture of a building in Pelourinho. Pelourinho is the colonial, historic district … Continue Reading