Today we went to the Bahia x Flamengo soccer match. Being that Bahia is my first Brazilian home, … Continue Reading

Jazza Nova

Yesterday, my friend Sachiko and I headed to the beach. We were reminded that we had yet to … Continue Reading

Bagunçaço and Partying Hard

Yesterday we went to visit the Bagunçaço in Alagados, Bahia, Brazil (say it with me, Bag-un-sah-soh). It’s a … Continue Reading

How To Cut A Mango

Being that mango isn’t a local fruit in Maryland, I don’t see it often, and it definitely isn’t … Continue Reading

Things To Get Used To

Yesterday I bullied  assembled some friends together to go out for feijoada, which I had been craving for … Continue Reading


Today we learned how to samba. I didn’t take any pictures because, you know… I forgot to bring … Continue Reading

Capoeira, Pinteados, and More!

Today we went to practice capoeira as taught by a fifty three year old master/farmer. No, really. Capoeira, … Continue Reading

Azevedo, Take Two!

So while at the beach today, my friend’s host mother calls her and I answer the phone. She … Continue Reading

Praia do Forte

Today my colleagues and I traveled to Praia do Forte, a lil’ beach town in the State of … Continue Reading

Oxum da mina

Yesterday, we went to a Candomble Ceremony.Candomble is an African religion tied to the Yoruba culture that African … Continue Reading