How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  • Like many PhD students, I didn’t get paid during the summer, so I got a gig advising incoming students on their schedules.

Some students brought their parents, so it felt like I was advising a family. Other students brought their siblings or boyfriends or girlfriends, and wanted me to coordinate their schedules or put them in things that their partner felt were more appropriate for them. Some students cried and well…that was awkward.

  • I participated in Fluent Summer with my dad and struggled through Matéria Escura.

I’m still getting tutoring in Spanish and Portuguese, but switched to Portuguese mostly ’cause it’s more comfortable. I still don’t know why Portuguese comes to me more easily than Spanish. It’s a problem ’cause I’m currently enrolled in a course in Spanish, and the static in my brain makes every class and assignment an effort.

It actually caused a hubub in my family ’cause I didn’t really want to promote it. It was just a pet project that I found myself really getting into. I could have done it better, it could have been more polished, I could have written more – but alas, it was a big leap to just call it finished and publish it. That alone was enough for me. But if you wanna check it out, there’s the link.

  • I met up with Gabi and Anisa and it was a Spain reunion tour across Maryland. It was good to see them.
  • My dogter Snooky became a full-fledged City Dog. She’s up-to-date on her vaccines, is on a permanent schedule for her medications, has a set of doggie stairs, and even her own Instagram account.
  • I really upped my houseplant game. I check every grocery store, Walmart, Lowe’s, and niche plant shop for the latest in houseplants. I enjoy having to learn something, listening to it. Plants tell you what they need and I’m not the best at understanding them, but I’m getting there! A lot of them were lost along the way, but I’m getting there.
  • I went to a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was presenting research on Read Two Impress Plus, a reading strategy to help struggling readers of all ages. It was a presentation/workshop, and I ended up drawing a respectable crowd of 15 educators into a small classroom (the conference was at a huge high school campus). It was weird to be at a conference in Vegas (“What are you here for?” “Work!”). I did my customary “crying in strange places” because all at once I felt overwhelmed by the fact that I was doing something so novel. I get paid to research, read, write, and share what I know with others. How fantastic! And to think, I have another conference to prep for now…

I spoiled myself with an expensive dinner at a great restaurant, touristy activities (complete with my student discount), and face masks I bought at Target specifically for the trip (one of my best ideas).

  • I started my new gig on campus as soon as possible! I neeeeeeeeeded the cash, and I was offerred a year-long contract, that way I don’t have to suffer another broke summer. They even offered me an extra credit for a summer course… whoknows what I’ll get into from there.

Overall, I’d call this summer uneventful, but even then, I learned a lot. I learned how far I could stretch a dollar, and how having friends over for brunch or late-night food and drinks isn’t half bad (although I desperately need a dining room table).

  • Oh, and I turned 28! Celebrated with poorly sung karaoke.

I’m glad to be back at it. I missed y’all!


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