Here’s a little diddy I’m working on this summer: I’m calling it, The Fluent Summer. Essentially, I’m going to be trying to immerse myself in Spanish and Portuguese, and hopefully by the time the next semester begins, I’ll be confident enough to embrace a PhD-level course taught in Spanish. In order to do so, here’s what I’ve decided to work on:

  • Changing my cell phone interface into Spanish.
  • Watching an hour or more of tv in Spanish or Portuguese a day.
  • Listening to Spanish or Portuguese podcasts.
  • Having Spanish or Portuguese conversations.
  • Continuing my language lessons with my teacher online (maybe I should write about that?)
  • A book club!

So yeah, the book club is the fun part. I’m going to try and read a few novels this summer in Spanish and Portuguese, and talk about them with friends (partly for the fun of sharing a book, partly because I want to make sure I’m understanding the story well). The first book is Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. This book was chosen by my dad, who is a founding member of the book club. We share a love of sci-fi, and this book came highly recommended online. For the time being, I’m reading it in Portuguese and its called, Matéria escura. I expect it to be a very difficult book, partly because my Portuguese is super rusty, partly because the book plays a lot with alternate universes? I doubt that I’ll feel confident I’ll have a handle on the plot until midway through.

So yes! Join the book club! Listen to some podcasts with me, watch some Netflix shows in whatever language you like (man, every now and then I entertain learning some Korean because I listen to so much K-pop and have so many K-dramas in my Netflix queue). I’ll check back in with you in a bit, maybe I’ll write about the book?

Either or, até mais!


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