The Dog I Needed – Meet Snooky

I’d like to say it was my life’s calling to be a dog mom. Growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian. I’d watch Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets” and “Animal Cops,” and vow to be the one to rescue and treat all kinds of animals… but mostly dogs. I watched “Best in Show” way long before I could understand the jokes and followed the declarations of the American Kennel Club like gospel.

I had some dogs in my life, but as a child, how they were treated wasn’t up to me. With parents like mine, sleeping in bed with my giant pibble Biggie wasn’t an option.

But now I’m an adult.

So now, here’s Snooky.

Snooky came into my life by accident, it seems. She’s technically my uncle’s family’s dog. They moved back to South Korea and left her in the care of my parents, hoping to be able to send for her later. My parents weren’t interested in starting to care for something else all over again, and with the approval of my uncle’s family, I inherited Snooks.

Snookums is a Japanese Spitz. She’s incredibly clingy and food motivated (just like me). She likes to sleep a lot (yep) and be pet constantly (a divergence, I don’t like to be touched).

She has to be the center of attention 24/7, and if she sees you not paying attention to her, she goes out of her way to interrupt you.

She really hates when I’m typing

I’m glad to have Snooky, as I’ve been trying to establish some routines, and it’s good to have something else hold me accountable. Can’t sleep in too long, Snooky needs breakfast.

Struggling to finish an assignment? Take Snooky for a walk and get some fresh air. Snooky’s not the dog I wanted (holding out for a pibble!), but she’s the doggo I needed.

If you stop on by, come and give Snooky some pets. She’ll really appreciate them.



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