In-Flight Listening: Reply-All Podcast

Stuck in layover limbo? Welcome to In-Flight Listening, the section of the blog where I recommend some new listening material for your moments in movement.

Reply-All is a “podcast about the internet.” And while that is essentially true, of course, it is so much more. Presented by Gimlet media, Alex Goldman and PJ Voght use their investigative journalism skills to uncover all facets of an ever-connected world. 

Sometimes a story will stem from a tweet. In a segment called, “Yes, Yes, No,” Gimlet CEO and founder Alex Blumberg will approach Alex and PJ with a tweet that he can’t make heads or tails of, and together they take the listener on a trip through layers of the internet that you might never see on your own. For an example of this, take the episode, “The QAnon Code.”


If you’re into the technical aspects of internet phenomena, Super Tech Support is their segment where they attempt to discover the hows and whys and whats of the internet. An episode about missing bitcoin is a good one, where journalist Jia Tolentino enlists the help of Alex Goldblum to discover what happened to her bitcoin and how much, if any, is left of it. Hard to do when bitcoin is untraceable and impossible to use without the right credentials.


And lastly, despite the emphasis on the internet, Reply All is also about the people who use it. It’s basically a human interest podcast, with stories getting to the heart of why people put themselves out there online in the first place. The urge to connect and be or become yourself is what the internet allows for… or does it? One of my favorite recent Reply All segments was about just this, when correspondent Alex receives a spam phone call, and decides to not let it end when he hangs up.


So there you go! Give Reply All a try, it’ll make your trip just a little more lighter.



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