The Naples Pizza Tour: Part Three – Laid Back and Full

Parts One and Two!

Riding on a Ferry

Day three is a different day. We had one plan, and that was the beach at Ischia (Ee-skee-ya, took us forever to figure that one out). Ischia was an hour away via ferry, so Gabi and I fill up with cappuccinos and croissants, and walk to the nearby port. After lots of walking around and Span-Italianing, we buy our tickets and board the ferry.

It’s very hot, so after a while of being on the dock, we go inside to watch the waves go by. Very soon, we’re there.

We buy an umbrella and chair combo and just…laze on the beach. I’m not good at relaxing, so I step into the icy water, sit in it, lay on the chair, eat grapes we bought, so on and so forth.

It’s hard to talk about my time here in Italy. While sitting in the Mediterranean Sea, I was having all sorts of thoughts. I’ll be processing this trip, not just Italy but Spain as a whole, for a long time.

And now, the last pizza of the tour.

Pizza Number 3: Antica Pizzeria I Decumani

This is the pizza that officially broke me. This point was going to happen at any moment. It was bound to happen. Gabi and I decided to switch it up, instead of a margherita with a different pizza, we got a veggie mix (a common Mediterranean blend of tomatoes, squashes, and peppers, among other things), and I got pepperoni (or as it’s called in many parts of Europe, Diavola – Devil monk, or Deviled). I started with so much confidence and hope, I swear, but three slices in my jaw got tight. My blood slowed. My eyes got lower. It was so good but I just couldn’t go on. Gabi finished hers in no time though!

The pizza had won. It was always going to win. It was only a matter of time.

Gabi and I got more gelato after this somehow (my stomach was going to burst but there’s always room for dessert). And then we headed inside to pack and go to bed.

There were fireworks that night as well. Even on a Sunday, our neighborhood was still getting down.

So now, time for some thank you notes, and a bit about what I was thinking about while I was staring at that water.

Thank you notes,

Thanks to Gabi for inspiring me to take this plunge. If it weren’t for your push, I doubt I would have jumped on my own. And my God, it was worth it.

Thanks to my family for being there for me! Y’all prop me up when I need it, and even when I don’t. I’m so excited to come back to y’all and tell you all about it, and yes, be there for the lecture about taking long, scary stairs at night.

Thanks to Naples, Italy for being so hospitable. Making sense of our Span-Italian-glish, being patient with us being lost all the time, not actually being successful in robbing us, and filling us with delicious pizza, gelato, coffee, spritzes, sparkling water, and Coca Colas. Thanks for letting us bathe in your sea, and dance to your music. I’m going to miss you.

I never saw Italy coming, I think I said before I came to Spain with very little expectations of travel, and what I’ve been able to accomplish with a little help from my friends has been incredible. The slice of the world I’ve experienced has been so wide yet so small, and I can’t even begin to comprehend how it’s changed me. I know it has.

I hope that the moments of awe I had staring out at the Mediterranean from Ischia I can give to someone else somehow. This has only strengthened my resolve in that. A Ticket for Two has never been just me, it’s been me and you. I hope you can come next time. And feel what I felt.

Little ole me, on a rocky beach in Italy, seeing the world, and taking it back with her all the way home.

Addio Italia!


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