Auxiliar Chronicles Part 2: The Money Edition

Part One can be found here.

January thus far has been a tough month. Lemme explain.

As an auxiliar, you get paid once a month. If you’re not used to this, budgeting can get pretty hard. In the case of December, our January pay was given before the holidays began.

I won’t say I squandered it… but I didn’t put it to its best use.

Thus, January rolls around and I’m as broke as a joke.

I’m not dead broke. I’ll be alright this month, but my temporarily embarrassed millionaire status put a lot in perspective budgeting wise. In between all of the stuff that I’m working on, I should probably get my spending habits and budget under control. Also, taking a few side gigs wouldn’t hurt.

In honor of this new attitude, I present to you the A Ticket for Two “Money, Money, Money, Money, Money [x]6″ playlist. Viewer discretion is advised, and it’s best you play this sucker on shuffle. Some songs are hype, some songs are chill, some songs gripe about hustling, some songs glorify it. Whatever mood you’re in.

Please do hustle and enjoy.
[spotify id=”spotify%3Auser%3Aaticketfortwo%3Aplaylist%3A0zNnY1AxHwVqF0OLxRxegy” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]


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