This Blog is Now on Spanish Time

Sorry for the delay folks, I’ve been busy with orientation, but also just didn’t have much to share. Sounds, crazy I know, but I have been a partial tourist so far, partial citizen as well, and I’m just caught between two extremes of getting to know a city while also not having enough time to properly do so.

Basically I’m running on Spanish time.

But let me give you a quick rundown.

Last Sunday I boarded a flight from Baltimore, Maryland to Frankfurt, Germany via Condor Airlines.

While I don’t consider myself a super-duper savvy international traveler, the fact that this eight hour flight had no in-seat television seriously bothered me! There also aren’t any plugs to charge any devices, nor a lot of leg room. I didn’t think I was so spoiled!

We were offered dinner, in the form of a pasta, pudding, salad, wheat bread, and rye bread with cheese.

When the stewardess came by and asked what we wanted to drink, I asked her what my options were. She mentioned sparkling wine and I definitely said yes. I didn’t expect her to hand me an entire bottle.

By the time we start to descend, the ground beneath us begins to look very, very… German.

Once it was time to board our next flight, we were bused to the tarmac.

The entire time I was boarding all I could think about was Nicki Minaj.

This flight was Lufthansa.

This flight didn’t have much in the way of in-flight entertainment as well, but it was nearly empty, and I had the window seat, AND the seat next to me empty. 

This flight offered breakfast. And my first taste of cooked cherry tomatoes. I have been avoiding cherry tomatoes because one, I have a slight allergy, but also because I have had them raw and they’re terrible to me.

But this dish was good, and it was a taste of what was to come. Lots of eggs, lots of tomatoes, lots of potatoes.

By the time we started descending, the world was looking a lot more hot, dry, and brown.

While waiting in the airport for our shuttle, a Handball team came in and everyone clapped. None of us knew what tournament they did well in, but took a picture anyway!

From about here on out, I have a bunch of pictures with very little context. I’m going to be in Spain for a while, so I didn’t get to know many locations thoroughly, nor did I get that many good photos. So this is going to be a rapid-fire photo rush.

This photo is from a pizza bar at “El Corte Inglés,” a… mall? The very top floor of one of them has a food court and a wonderful view of the city from the rooftop.

This is a Palace. The King and Queen don’t live here, but… used to? Like I said before, I can give you greater details later. 

This is from a local market, super big and popular. It’s a type of angler fish, or monk fish. It’s popular in Europe.

I took this photo outside the market ’cause the buldings warp around the street.

This is the view from a local outdoor bar. It oversees a lot of the city, on the other side of that palace from earlier.  I drank Tinto de Verano there. It’s a wine mixed with lemonade seltzer.

As a group, we visited a cider spot. Because of how the  cider is fermented, it has to be poured in a special way to get aerated.

To me, it’s kombucha. It tastes just like plain, fermented kombucha. I love kombucha, so I loved this cider.

This is cafe con leche condensada. Coffee with condensed milk. It’s just as sweet as it sounds.

This bear is the symbol for Madrid and is found on the coat of arms. “The Bear and the Strawberry Tree.”

That’s all for now. Classes have started for me, and I’m struggling to separate Spanish and Portuguese. I’m stuck speaking a combo of both for now, I suppose. I sound like Ronaldo (Portuguese soccer player who plays for a Spanish team currently, an thus speaks Spanish with a Portuguese accent).

I leave you with a photo of me, pinky up, sipping on some Tinto de Verano.

Hasta luego!




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