The All Important Coca Cola

I’ve been in Madrid, Spain for a few days now, and I haven’t really had a moment to upload photos and take many pictures. I’ve been crazy busy setting up a phone plan, filling out forms, gearing up to open a bank account, and buying my super expensive metro card because I will soon be 26 and that means that I can somehow pay for everything now.

I’m not stressed! I’m fine!

I say all of that to say that despite how jam-packed my schedule has been, I wanted to share some more tips for you when you’re out eating abroad or anywhere else unfamiliar. I’ve been trying new foods and there’s lots of them in Spain…well, if you have a small palate like me.

One thing I do whenever I’m somewhere unfamiliar, and eating something I don’t normally eat, is drink Coca Cola.

I’m actually more a Pepsi fan, but Coca Cola, like it or not, is the universal soda of the world. Look at any corner store or cafe and you’ll find Coca Cola on the menu, in the storefront, on the labels of the seats or tables. As an American, seeing that classic red is instantly comforting, and I know that whatever I eat is going to be okay with a side of coke.

Coca Cola is basically my chaser to anything strange or weird to me. That Spanish omlette with the crab? Coca Cola. That salmon tapa? Coca Cola. Even the dessert with the apple butter and cheese? Coca. Cola. It has saved me and everyone at my table from the sight of me fighting to keep food down.

I’m still not as adventurous as I’d like to be, but I’m working on it. Also, if you don’t have Coca Cola at your table and you’re thirsty to try some new food, I do suggest (vino) tinto de verano (summer wine, basically a red wine + a soda). Just as tasty and comforting but without the American-ness.

I’ve got lots of photos, and lots of stories to tell. Once I’m settled, I’ll definitely give you the complete run down, vale?

Hasta luego,


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