Thank You for Letting Me Go

I’m writing this on my last night in the US for a bit. I’m extremely nervous, anxious, and giddy with excitement about this new unknown. I’m writing at night because now’s a good time for my brain to say what it feels. I’m also writing at night because I know I’ll be an emotional wreck once it comes time for me to hug my family and friends goodbye and go through the security checkpoint at the airport. It’s a point of no return of sorts, and it gets me every.single.time.

My phone’s countdown clock just rang for 12 am, “Time for EspaƱa, share the moment!” It’s really real.

So I wanted to write about my last week here in the states before I embark on my adventure.

One highlight was my family’s surprise for my mother, whose birthday is in November, to celebrate her birthday early with her family in Vermont. We drove, and watched gleefully…well I did at least, the terrain go from flat farmland to mountains dotted with cows.


We then spent a weekend with my Uncle’s family.

We toured the Ben and Jerry’s factory and I did my best to get Instagram worthy photos despite the ban on photography.

We decided to start with the Flavor Graveyard, where Ben and Jerry’s pays tribute to its discontinued flavors.

While some discontinued flavors you could look at and say, “Yeah, of course nobody would want to eat that.” Others had me bewildered.

What do you mean “no one could appreciate it?!” What? Ben and/or Jerry, if you’re reading, I’d like to taste this flavor for myself. I need evidence that it just didn’t work. I’m so curious.


It was hard for me in the graveyard.

We decided to do the tour after the graveyard visit, and while photography was prohibited, I did snap a few photos of some public rooms and areas.  

I spent all my time in this factory trying to find Banana / Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt. It’s my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor but I haven’t seen it in years! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT Ben and/or Jerry? I need answers!

Ask my sister how many times I asked her to take this photo…
My Aunt made us Korean barbecue (she put her foot in that barbecue, I kinda ate too fast and gave myself a stomachache but I regret absolutely nothing). We even did a bit of shopping, which mostly ended up in all of us buying a lot of maple flavored things.

Maple syrup candy, aka, too sweet to properly enjoy.

Maple-flavored cookies, aka, too sweet to properly enjoy Part 2, but you get used to them if you try hard enough.
My mom had a great time, we’re also very cute.

We took a ferry on the way back to expedite the trip. It helped travel morale for such a long drive!

My dad taking photos of Vermont from the ferry.


After that I moved back home, and then spent time with my family. I tried to do as many country things as I could, like take photos in corn fields and get yelled at by nosy neighbors who thought I was stealing corn.

Get the shot and go.

Shout out to the Daily Banner outside of Kays at the Airport, one of my favorite local resaturants.
And oh my family, I love them all so much, and I’m delighted that y’all read the blog. It means a lot to me.

Honestly, I’m just so so so so grateful. I really love my family and friends, and I just want to thank them really.

Thank you for letting me go.

I know, it’s a weird thing to say, I’m a grown woman, I own my decisions and so forth, but no really.

Thank you.

Thanks to my parents, who trust and respect me enough to not only give me their blessings and best wishes to go, but to encourage and support me by storing my stuff, watching over my Kia Soul Finnur, and just general parent stuff like planning care packages.

I really appreciate it. I love you both.

Thanks to my sister, who not only put up with my apartment hunting, let me crash at her place, and looked the other way at my terrible upkeep of my room – but she also let me know that while she thought the Spain thing was a crazy idea, she would support me either way. I needed to hear that, and I’m happy we’re the kind of siblings that are good for each other in the way that we are. I think your boyfriend is nice, and honestly, you should check out her blog, She’s funny and insightful about pop culture and keeps it real about her own life.

My family, my Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandmother, Great Aunts, Great Uncles, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts and so forth. You all make home home, and I know that no matter how far I stray, I always have a place of love to come back to. 

My friends, in no particular order, like ‘Kita, Alesha, Virgile, Peter, Darryl, and the ones that I haven’t kept up in touch with but who are not surprised at all and find it completely in-character for me to do something like this. Y’all have been super encouraging, reassuring me that I’m not crazy, and that I’m doing something for my own good. I’m glad to have peers like y’all, who challenge me to do my own thing and expect the best from me. Y’all keep me going. I dig y’all so much.

Whew, I’m a mess. FOCUS. Okay.

Ummm, my advisors. I thank y’all all the time, but y’all not only write my recommendations when I bother you about them, but you also give me great advice. You know how my brain works, so you know exactly where I’m stuck and how to solve it. I appreciate all you’ve done for me so far, and without y’all this trip literally wouldn’t be happening.

Okay. That’s enough. I’m sobbing all over myself and I haven’t even left yet. If I left you out please do know that you are appreciated and I adore you. All of you had a hand in making this crazy dream happen, and I’ll go as far as I can on your support. Y’all are wonderful. Believe me.

So it begins! Please keep an eye out for my stuff on all of your favorite social media and don’t hesitate to reach out to me. It’ll remind me of home and put my mind at ease. I’ll do my best to represent.

Love y’all.



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