Updates – Turning a New Leaf

Hey y’all,

So A Ticket for Two’s been super mum lately, and ’tis all my fault. I’ve been doing stuff, just haven’t been talking about it, and what’s worst of all, I’ve been wasting a lot of time stewing in what I’m not doing and where I’m not going. Let’s change that.

So here’s two things to look forward to:

A new post every Wednesday.

Oooh! Yeahhh! Fireworks!

and a new Excursions post every other week or so. These will hopefully get super real, so I want to make sure they’re good. But twice a month or more. Starting this Saturday!

So hold on to your butts! I’m clearing out the tumbleweeds, and am getting back on the saddle. Starting with an update Wednesday, and a … confession of sorts, this Saturday.


See you then!



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