A Year in Review: 2016

Happy New Year Everybody!

What a crazy year 2016 was! I feel like it was a year of things that weren’t supposed to happen…. but did anyway. There were so many shocks and surprises, some for the good, some for the better. It just hit me that I forgot to take stock of it all, and see if I ended up where I thought I would. Let’s?

What I Did:

I ate some food with Alesha, specifically Cuban.

I went to Paris, France as an academic. I still can’t believe people wanted to hear about my research.


I went to MAGFest again and had a great time debating about Zelda, Twilight Princess vs Skyward Sword.

I started writing more honestly for the blog, even gave some advice. And oh yeah, I graduated.

I went on a family vacay on a great big boat. I didn’t blog about it because being apart from the internet was good … for a while.
What I Hoped to Do:

I made some resolutions last year. Let’s examine them:

“I’ve been doing some preparation for travel hacking, and hopefully I’ll see some of this work come to fruition!”

  • This one hasn’t happened…yet, but I’m very confident that I’ll have something to share soon…

“Festivals and concerts and fun! Starting with Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 and MAGFEST.”

  • MAGFest totally happened. And so did Sergio! And I saw Open Mike Eagle and Beyonce and Seu Jorge!

“More food! My cool new job puts me in a new location most of the time so maybe, just maybe, I’ll be eating a whole lot of new food.”

  • It hasn’t been “new” food per se. I mean, lots of bimbimbap. I’m working on expanding my palate though, I swear.

“I’m thinking of incorporating a new “theme” for the year. I’m thinking the word of the year’ll be, “Spontaneity.” Let’s see where this attitude gets me.”

  • Was I spontaneous? Not really? No. I wasn’t. I’m sorry.

“My bestie Stephanie and I are working on another trip together so that’ll be a week of insanity I’m sure, whenever we manage to pull it off. I’m hoping for camping and beach bumming and drinking and partying and shopping. That’s the criteria.”

  • This hasn’t happened yet, but it’s looking likely that it’ll go down this year? Fingers crossed!

Lastly, here’s a Rez from last 2015,
“This’ll be the year of my graduation from my Master’s program and I don’t know exactly how I’m going to end it. Should I go abroad? Should I just vacation? I don’t know, but do know that my passport is getting stamped next year.”

  • This one didn’t happen the way I thought it would! Not only did I graduate with a certain bang (not knowing until the day before that it would happen at all, my name was scribbled on a piece of paper so poorly that my name was read, “Krishna” when I crossed!), but I also got my passport stamped in a place I never expected, Paris, France! I’ve never been to Europe, it wasn’t even on my radar, and yet there I was eating French onion soup…in France and talking about endangered languages (which I hope to do more of, research I mean, stay tuned!).





So what about 2017?

Well super importantly, I want to go back to school. For what, I’m not sure of, and I have at least two seasons of soul searching to find out, but France kind of renewed something in me. If I can get my doctorate on my terms, studying something that really ignites a passion in me, and if I can receive the right support, who knows where I’ll let it take me?

Also importantly, I want to go back to Brazil. Have an awesome Sete de Setembro. I’ve got friends there now, and I reeeaaaallly wanna see them again!

This also means my Portuguese needs to be UP TO PAR. So lemme get back on that horse.

Swim classes, stat.

And really, I wanna take someone with me on an adventure!

You’re always invited, don’t worry!

Here’s some thank you notes:

Thanks to my family for putting up with my shenanigans!  I’ve put them through heck, and we bickered a lot about every little thing, but they still got my back! I hope to one day carry y’all cross the globe on mine.

Thanks to the folks who supported my journey, from Graduation all the way to Paris. Faculty and friends, the Rotary Club and Rotary International. Thank you all for pushing me to do bigger and better things, maybe you all were right and I do belong in academia?

Lastly, thanks to you for following along. Let’s keep in touch for a new year!




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