Finally Found an Orange Pie

Bonjour! Yesterday was a doozy, I’m still on a sugar high.

I started the day by moving out of my BnB and making my way across Paris to FIAP, the hostel/conference center that is hosting the seminar.

I couldn’t check in for a few hours, so I entertained myself by working on my paper and catching up on Youtube subscriptions and news.

Finally, my presentation partner Ludivynn showed up. She is a French native, and we have been planning on combining our presentations for the past month. Our collaboration was difficult to do online, however, and now that we were in person, we were able to get a lot more done.

In the midst of our progress, however, I ended up telling Ludivynn, “I’m hungry.”

“Do you like pie? And tea?”

the grinch smiling gif

So we went to Le Loir Dans La Theilier!, or ‘The Dormouse in the Teapot!’ A very European title because I had no idea what a dormouse was- they’re kinda cute.


The place specializes in a variety of teas and pies. You can order food here, and I’m sure it’s wonderful, but I came with pie on the mind, and boy, did I get pie.


Orange pie – it does exist! – and lemon meringue.


This ain’t your mommy and daddy or grandpa’s lemon meringue, I tell you that.

Afterwards, we wandered the city, looking at bags that I adored and ending up buying, museums I needed to see to believe, and the French Archives.

img_0595img_0594 img_0597-copy img_0601-copy img_0603-copy

Remember the Love-Lock Bridge? Well since it’s been taken down, folks have been finding whatever bridge they can to decorate it with their love.img_0606-copy

Don’t do this, people, it’s bad for the bridges.


Oh, later we walked to Notre Dame.

It’s very big and very Catholic with statues of saints I can barely understand the significance of. It’s the kind of site that you need to see on a tour, to have every intricacy explained.img_0608-copy img_0609-copy img_0599

Ludivynn gave me a how-to on pâté, potted meat or pate. I uh, didn’t do too well.

It reminds me a lot of scrapple, but it’s served cold and… my tongue wasn’t the least bit pleased.img_0598I ended up going back to the hostel later on and washing my mouth out with Guaraná, and well, you KNOW how I feel about Guaraná.

Today we started the seminar with a little mixer and introduction. I’m very nervous about it, but I’m hoping that it goes well. Ludivynn and I finished our joint presentation tonight, and we have two days to rehearse and get it down pat. The updates may become less frequent as I have less to share, but I’ll keep you posted throughout.

à demain!


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