The Tail is Almost Always On The Right: The Louvre Pt. 1

So before we get started on yesterday’s trip to the Lourve, I took myself out to dinner for the first time the night before.img_0347 I went to a restaurant called Le Bô Zinc. It popped up on my search as a place with great prices and great food, and it was open late. After a nap to beat down the jet lag, I put my jacket on and headed out.img_0350

It was the first time I had to use the phrase, a table for one.

I got some chicken and mashed potatoes. I apologize, I started eating it before I thought to take a photo!


It was great, while eating and drinking Pinot Noir, I found someone else who agreed. img_0352

Everytime I blew on my chicken, he would perk up and walk over from the table next to me where two older men were having a very animated conversation. He was mostly chill throughout, but whenever a nearby table got food, he’d sit up and give you those eyes. I took no pity on him. His owner was giving him ice cream.img_0353

I got creme brulee for dessert. Also, more wine.img_0354

And I loved every minute of it.img_0355

So the next morning, I set out to see the Louvre. I know it’s a huuuuuge place and I won’t be able to see it all, but I planned on chipping away at it anyway.img_0372 img_0373

I decide to put on a dress today and these lil’ wedges. I’m cute and all that. img_0374 img_0380 img_0381

After making some revisions to my paper, by the time I’m finished, it’s time for lunch, so I get up and go to La Librarie, a library themed restaurant. They bring you the menu on a giant painting frame with the day’s options on it.
img_0382 img_0383


I get soup and a pork option. It was difficult, nobody spoke English, and I’m slowly starting to appreciate how proficient I was in Portuguese when I went to Brazil. The few words and phrases I know did come in handy.

Waitress: “This is a poisson option.”
Me: “Oui, oui…”
My brain: Non, poisson is fish! You don’t like fish!”
Me: “Non! Je vendrais… porc.”


I took some time to write in my diary, Skype my mom, and map out today’s route.
img_0386 img_0387

L’addition, the bill, came in a lil’ book.img_0388 img_0389

So into the metro I go to immediately get lost.img_0390 img_0391 img_0392 img_0393

How ornate for a metro stop? img_0394

Then finally, the Louvre.
img_0395 img_0396 img_0398 img_0399 img_0400 img_0401 img_0402 img_0404 img_0405 img_0406

Who’s throwing pennies in the exhibits???


Okay, *takes a deep breath*, from the get-go, I knew I wanted to go to the Egyptian exhibit first. Egypt has always captured my imagination in a way that most other ancient cultures have not (Castles? Schmastles!). So I bought my ticket and headed straight to Egypt and was immediately overwhelmed.img_0407 img_0408 img_0409 img_0410

It was at this point that I really started to lose it.


Once I got to this room I started crying.

There’s a lot going on in my head at this point, so lemme just give you a flood of poorly taken photos that were taken as my hands were shaking and I kept fighting off sobs.img_0440img_0441img_0442

These feet are taller than me.

Maybe four or five of me are as tall as those pillars.

She’s just sitting there, all old and important and ancient. SOMEBODY MADE THAT!img_0449img_0450

This is a written language!

You. Can. Still. See. The. Paint.img_0456img_0457img_0458img_0461img_0462img_0463img_0464img_0465img_0466img_0470img_0471

One of my favorites. The exhibit was put in chronological order, and at this point, we’re getting closer and closer to a more recent part in Ancient Egyptian history. The proportions and iconography of this bust are so unique, not all of it is fully understood yet. I CAN’T DEAL.img_0472img_0473img_0474img_0476img_0477img_0478img_0479img_0480

Might I add that, being the Louvre, the entirety of the exhibit is in French. So what I know about the few item descriptions I read, comes from the info cards around the exhibit (I read them in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, whichever was available, and I’m so grateful that I have that skill. I’ve never appreciated it more, really!), and what words I could make out in French.
img_0481img_0482So at this point in the exhibit, I’m an absolute wreck. I’m trying to at once come to terms with the fact that these artifacts exist today,
img_0416 img_0417 img_0418 img_0419 img_0421

trying to come to terms that they also existed 5,000 years ago,img_0422 img_0430 img_0431 img_0432 img_0433 img_0434

And extremely grateful that despite how controversial museums like this are, everything is here for me to see and understand. I can’t fathom how lucky I am, I CAN’T DO IT!


But I’m also completely flabbergasted that it was my work that got me here.

I applied for this opportunity and was awarded it. I interviewed and submitted essays.

People believed in me enough to support that. And now I’m here.

I’m freaking here.

I still can’t comprehend it.

Whew, just typing about this started to get overwhelming. Also, my blog can’t handle this many photos at once, nor could it handle the upload of them to the site. I’m gonna let you be for now and whip up another part to this entry.

À bientôt! See you later!


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