A Year in Review: 2015


Hey there everybody! Happy new year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with friends and/or family, and you’re itching to experience another grand year.
This is as good a time as any to look back on 2015, what I did, what I hoped to do- and then look forward to 2016.

What I Did:

  • Around this time last year, I had converted the blog from a Blogger site to a WordPress site. After a few hiccups, the new ATicketForTwo.com was born.
  • My friend Alesha and I went to MAGFEST and had an awesome time. So awesome, we’re doing it again this year!
  • Alesha and I also ate some Ramen.


  • In March I ate some spacefood. Fulfilling a lifelong curiosity. I took the easy way out.
  • A Ticket for Two got an Instagram. You can go ahead and follow for photos of food, videos of me tasting sodas just because, and hints of upcoming posts.
  • My Brazilian friend Lidia and I were interviewed about our experiences at my alma mater for the Chronicle.
  • Then I had to say “Tchau!” to her for now.


What I Hoped to Do:

I made some resolutions last year. Let’s examine them:

  • My bestie Stephanie and I are working on another trip together so that’ll be a week of insanity I’m sure, whenever we manage to pull it off. I’m hoping for camping and beach bumming and drinking and partying and shopping. That’s the criteria.
    • This one hasn’t happened yet. Last year, Stephanie was working towards the police academy, and I was working towards finding a cool new job. We both ended up getting what we wanted, just not in the manner we expected to, and thus our time has been tied up in ways we haven’t anticipated. We’re working on something for this year though. The criteria is the same.
  • One of my personal New Year’s Rezzes is to expand my palate. One way I’m gonna do that is try different restaurants and you’re welcome to join in a series I’m gonna call, “Around the World in 80 Plates.” Every now and then I’m gonna try a different restaurant featuring cuisine from a different part of the world other than my own, and I’ll write about the experience.
    • This is actually happened, sorta! Around the World in 80 Plates is alive and kicking, but I just haven’t been anywhere recently!
  • I’m working on buying a new camera, so get ready for more poorly shot photos of landscapes and gates, shot from the hip photos of people and festivals, and poorly illuminated pictures of food.
    • You could say that the camera from Spirited Pursuit totally fit the bill, right?
  • This’ll be the year of my graduation from my Master’s program and I don’t know exactly how I’m going to end it. Should I go abroad? Should I just vacation? I don’t know, but do know that my passport is getting stamped next year.
    • Haaa! This was one of those “speak it into existence” moments, before life started happening around me in ways I didn’t anticipate. That’s the thing about Resolutions. They’re made in a daze of confetti, glitter, and bright lights, but the morning after as you force yourself to put on gym shoes you haven’t worn in ages, you begin to wonder how exactly you’ll accomplish that weight loss goal (or is that just me?).Graduation was dependent on a lot of things; exams, papers, mental fortitude and time. Once I got my cool new job, I had a little bit less of the mental fortitude and time needed to properly finish- so I postponed things. As for going abroad, it was contingent on some things as well, like money, time, and just general un-tetheredness for a moment. I didn’t have an abundance of those things then, but I’m earning them all now. Let’s just say I’m much more confident in this goal now than then!

So here we are in 2016. What happens now? Well…

  • I’ve been doing some preparation for travel hacking, and hopefully I’ll see some of this work come to fruition!
  • Festivals and concerts and fun! Starting with Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 and MAGFEST.
  • More food! My cool new job puts me in a new location most of the time so maybe, just maybe, I’ll be eating a whole lot of new food.
  • I’m thinking of incorporating a new “theme” for the year. I’m thinking the word of the year’ll be, “Spontaneity.” Let’s see where this attitude gets me.

Once again, thank you notes:

Thanks to my family and friends for a wonderful year of change and growth: Mom, Pop, Dee- thanks for the moments we share. We make a great team. Alesha, thanks for being there for all o’ the wackiness. Maybe we can practice more on the longboard this summer? Lidia, Bruno, Rebecca, Andressa e meus amigos Brasileiros, I hope to see y’all soon. Maybe by then my Portuguese will be up to par and I can falar com vocês sem hesitação? My concert buddies, my convention buddies like Ashley and Stephen, and Bianca Unise for the new site Doodle. Here’s to a new year of fun, friends, family, and travel!



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