Hello all! It’s been a minute right? I’ve been all over the place preparing for my final semester of grad school, getting a gig teaching English to adults (I’m pretty darn excited about it!), buying a longboard to be like this girl, doing manual repairs on my laptop, IKEA hacking, and scoping out spots for the next Around the World in 80 Plates. I haven’t had any noteworthy adventures to make a giant post out of, so here’s what you should look forward to in the upcoming months.

  1. One of my homies from Morgan State University is heading to South Korea with the TALK program. If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I wholeheartedly support students that study abroad, and I think its super important to do. I have peers going to Japan this summer, and now one off to South Korea. So check out Tiolu’s Youtube channel¬†with her friends Tammy and Kat as they go on adventures in South Korea.
  2. OTAKON! As this convention draws nearer, I’m becoming¬†more and more excited. I was really into anime growing up and then just sorta grew out of it. Now I’m thinking of cosplaying and watching all of my favorite old shows (and realizing some of them did not age too well!). I’m just really excited. It’ll be three days of madness.
  3. More Around the World in 80 Plates. There’re some really good places I wanna check out around town. I’m coping with the fact that I’m going to need to dine out alone occasionally (hey, we all have our battles!) so expect some truly introspective entries in the series!
  4. Adventures in travel hacking, in which I attempt to understand the shortcuts to travel freedom and the ridiculous lengths I’ll go to in order to save a little cash.
  5. I’m considering adding some details about my teaching gig, I expect to learn a whole lot. So I’ll see how it fits as time goes on.

So now you know what’s up. Stay tuned!


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