The Chronicle Did A Story About Lidia and I

You remember Lidia right? We’ve eaten spaghetti together, gone beach bumming for my birthday, and recently spent a few nights out doing college stuff like tasting “orange crushes,” spinach pizzas, and margaritas.
You can read all about it here. In it, you can see Lidia and I walking, eating ribs (and Lidia eating them with her hands!), and chit chatting about cats and travel momentos. The article and vid talk about how HBCUs like my alma mater, Morgan State University, are promoting international students to increase the University’s diversity, and what that may mean for the face of HBCUs in the future. HBCUs do a lot of good for the black population in the US and from the diaspora, but international exposure’s a great thing too, and anything they can do to promote that should be welcomed.
So check the blurb out and tell me what you think!



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