This Is How You Eat Spacefood

Ever since I was young, I’ve been fascinated with astronomy. I had a telescope, dark starry nights, and a love of constellations. I had a giant book about space, a weird affinity for horoscopes and astrology, and in fact my first tattoo was that of the constellation Virgo.

Throughout it all, I’ve managed to avoid space food. You know, freeze-dried food for astronauts. While wasting an hour in DC the other day, I decided to swing by the Smithsonian and buy one of my favorite treats in a different form: an ice cream sandwich for astronauts.

I’ve been so curious about this thing for ages, but I’ve always been too much of a chump to actually buy and enjoy it. So here we are.

So I open the package, eagerly anticipating something super strange looking, and instead I get…

an unassuming lil’ sandwich.

It smells normal, but it’s hard and light, contrary to its soft and dense icey version.
It doesn’t seem so threatening, so I take a bite, and I swear, this is my first bite and honest reaction.

This thing is HARD, but then it suddenly collapses, and crumbs go FLYING. It truly startled me, as evidenced in my terrified expression. I had to bite down hard, and when it gave way I completely panicked.

I guess I can tolerate this crunchiness…

 Even though it’s literally falling apart in my hands.

 After fighting it for a while, I realized that I loved this crunchy lil’ sandwich.

And pretty soon, there was nothing left but crumbs.

What was I waiting for? What was I expecting? Why did it take my childhood self so long to try this dried out sandwich? I guess my perception was based on what space food used to be,

Unrecognizable powdered or dried out forms of greatness.

But nowadays, space food is… good? I mean, I haven’t had any other items, but maybe one day I will (foreshadowing???) but this dessert is pretty darn good.

Hope you enjoyed today’s how-to. I’ve been meaning to update you throughout February with another 80 Plates feature, but I had to catch up on some schoolwork. I’m hoping to have another post up real soon!

Have you ever had space food? Did you enjoy it? Or were you scared and confused like I was? Tell me about it in the comments!

See you soon,



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