Overflowing Emotions – MAGfest 2015

So a while ago, I had the bright idea to host a “Scary Videogame Night” for my friends around Halloween. We would play “5 Nights at Freddy’s” and “Outlast,” drink alcohol and eat a lot of food for good times’ sake. Needless to say, we didn’t last long, got too scared and frustrated, and decided to just watch folks play videogames. This introduced one of my friends to the Game Grumps, a group of friends who played videogames together and posted the hilarious results to Youtube. My friend then watched their videos and became a fan, and when she found out that the Game Grumps were coming to MAGfest, a videogame and music festival in Maryland, she let me know that we had to go.
So there we went.

I don’t know if you can see the purple in my hair, but there’s purple in my hair.

Alesha and I 
I like conventions, but I hadn’t planned on going to this one because, I don’t know, I’m pretty sure I’m lazy. So thanks to Alesha, said friend in this story, for getting me out of my bed.

First thing’s first, Alesha and I arrive early so that I can make it to a Super Smash Bros. tournament. This plan is quickly dashed when we see the line.

Alesha says “Hi”
The line doubled before we could buy our tickets, so it’s good we arrived when we did.

So we miss that, but it’s okay, because this place is insane.
There’re robots practicing motor skills.

Table flipping for charity.

An entire room of videogame-related shopping that I did my best to avoid,
I met “Satchel, like a bag, Drakes” aka Satchbags.
He’s so dreamy!!!!
This photo… wasn’t going to happen had it not been for Alesha. I saw him and Nick of Continue? talking LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE AND NOT THE AWESOME FOL
KS THEY ARE in the middle of the crowd and immediately began walking past them panicking. “Ohmygodit’sSatchandNick,ohmygodohmygod!” So Alesha goes up to him and says, “Excuse me, my friend wants to know if she can get a picture with you. She’s too afraid to ask.” Satch says sure, and thus the photo above.
Among the other things I was too afraid to ask,
~”How do you do research for Anti-Semantics?”
~”Do you ever think about changing your style to appeal to a wider audience?” -this one’s important, ’cause as a black videogamer, Satch is a rarity, and his content is so different from the comedy that’s out there, I wonder if he’s ever felt the need to change.
~”What drove you to start making videos?”
~”Are you single?”
and the follow-up,
~”Are you looking for a girlfriend?”
But all that came out was, 
“I like your videos and I like how you use big words and I like that.”
So uh… yeah. 
Here’s one of Satch’s “Anti-Semantics” videos to get you started. You don’t have to had to played (or watched) Brothers, a Tale of Two Sons, to understand it.

 So on with the show!
We encountered Gods,

Raiden, of Mortal Kombat

 Bounty hunters,

Bridget, of Guilty Gear X2

 Hell beasts from nightmares,

The Legendary “Pyramid Head” of the Silent Hill 2 franchise.

 Alesha and I lost our minds in the arcade.

 Played Default Da
, the most confusing game around. (Coins are bad, spikes are good, everything is wrong!)

 Met all sorts of Legendary Heroes,

My main man Link of the Legend of Zelda

 Met Midna  -also from the Zelda series, (on the right)

 Speaking of Zelda, there was a set up playing one of the infamous Zelda CDI games.

 And more arcade games,

 and an ENTIRE ROOM of console games, from the oldest, text based, green/black screen ancients to the newest.

Poor Mortal Kombat got played TO THE DEATH.
Alesha and I made our own legendary match up, a dinosaur and a hell beast, vs a capoeira master and a bunch of logs.
Alesha and I didn’t do too well at games like Sinistar,



My personal vote for best arcade game is Primal Rage, in which you pit dinosaur against gorilla beast or other dinosaur.

 Alesha lost her mind with Spyro,

 I lost my mind with Diddy Kong Racing. I have so many memories of renting this game from Blockbuster time and time again. (it’s not as good as I remembered it!)

 Projectors displayed Just Dance, so anybody could get their groove on.

 Others drew crowds for Street Fighter tournaments.

 A dance team took over one of the dance pad games, dancing without looking at the screen, dancing backwards, dancing in teams of three, tag teaming, and so on.

 As the night wore down, we were terrified by Skullkid and Majora’s Mask.

He kept coming near me, it was really unnerving!

Saw a giant rendition of an enemy I hated from the Final Fantasy series.

Passed by the Pokemon Trading Center -lots of
folks took up the offer with their portable devices and got to trading.

 I took a photo of one of my favorite indie game posters, I want this framed on my wall!

And around 9:30, Alesha and I head up to the panel we wanted to see, Game Grumps. We got up there an hour early and were still towards the back of the line, that ended up doubling after we got there.
It was at this point, that Alesha forms her game plan to get as close to the Game Grumps as possible, and she immediately abandons me to get a closer spot in the auditorium.
From L-R, Suzy, Arin, Ross, Danny, and Bary.

She ended up taking that picture. From my point of view, whenever the Game Grumps called for questions, this is all I saw.

“Raise an item so we can see you!”

And um…. that’s it. Alesha was satisfied, I was satisfied, we were tired, and exhausted. I thought long and hard about what Game Grumps video to show you all, but being that they’re all for a mature audience, it took a long time to find one remotely okay to show!

And with that, I’ll leave you! I wish I could have went all four days. I saw tournaments, met cool people (shout out to Tunde, Katelyn and her brother, and Anchal), played lots of vidoegames, and was generally overwhelmed with overflowing emotions. Which, by the way, is a song from a videogame called Vib Ribbon, that pretty accurately describes the feeling of that day.
Please do enjoy!



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