I’m staying in for NYE, doing introvert things like eating ice cream and playing videogames.

It’s time for some Resolutions, y’all. Every now and then I get really sentimental and remember that I’ve been alive for another year, and I get all tingly inside. It’s another year for the blog (and whatever name I decide to keep for it, do you guys like A Ticket For Two? If so, I might keep it). This year has been a trying one with new jobs, hectic school schedules, and a wanderlust that won’t quit. So what will become of it in 2015?


One of my personal New Year’s Rezzes is to expand my palate. One way I’m gonna do that is try different restaurants and you’re welcome to join in a series I’m gonna call, “Around the World in 80 Plates.” Every now and then I’m gonna try a different restaurant featuring cuisine from a different part of the world other than my own, and I’ll write about the experience. I’m hungry and excited for it!

My bestie Stephanie and I are working on another trip together so that’ll be a week of insanity I’m sure, whenever we manage to pull it off. I’m hoping for camping and beach bumming and drinking and partying and shopping. That’s the criteria.

I’m working on buying a new camera, so get ready for more poorly shot photos of landscapes and gates, shot from the hip photos of people and festivals, and poorly illuminated pictures of food.

This’ll be the year of my graduation from my Master’s program and I don’t know exactly how I’m going to end it. Should I go abroad? Should I just vacation? I don’t know, but do know that my passport is getting stamped next year.

This and more in the next year of A Ticket for Two!

And now, some Thank You Notes.

Thanks again to Stephanie, Seth, Alesha, Virgile, Akkriti, Ashley, Diogo, Lidia, Bruno, Andressa, Sandra, David, Vitor, and everybody else for some good experiences this year! No matter what craziness the year brought, you guys kept me sane through it all, and enriched my year so much. I look forward to the upcoming memories we can create in the next year.
Much love and thanks to my family, especially my Sissy De’Andria. You guys are the foundation for my accomplishments, and if it weren’t for y’all (and especially my sister feeding me, I’d be living off cereal if it weren’t for her), I wouldn’t’ve done half of the things I achieved in 2014. I love y’all above and beyond the clouds, and I’m eager for more wonderful memories with you all next year.

And finally, You! You, always looking so nice and reading my ramblings so well. You, who checked out my blog and left a comment or two that took me forever to notice ’cause I can’t figure out the notification system, but You left it anyway ’cause You wanted to support the blog and add to the discussion. I hope You stick around for next year, ’cause I wanna make it great for You, and give You something inspirational and fascinating to see and read, so that hopefully You’ll be inspired to go on Your own adventure, or tag along with me on one of mine.

Thank you all, Happy New Year, and Aproveite!



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