Hi guys!
It’s been a while, no? I’ve been completely absorbed into school and work, and I have had so little time to offer a proper update.
Summer’s gone! It was a bittersweet goodbye. After starting a new job, I had to go into overdrive to prove that I’m an awesome and reliable worker, and that always means sacrificing everything to devote yourself to your job. This being the case, all my weekends went to overtime, and all my weekdays went to school and rest. But I wasn’t letting summer go by without any say in it. I got to fulfill my birthday wish for the past few years and go to the beach to celebrate.

L-R, Vitor, Lidia, Me, Alesha
On a glorious Saturday morning, my friends (Alesha, and “the Brazilians” Vitor, David, and Lidia) and I all pile into my old faithful of a car, and head out to Ocean City, MD.

Ocean City, MD has a special place in my heart. It’s the home of many of my favorite childhood memories. Times spent on carousels, ferris wheels, and hopping waves all come to mind when I think of Ocean City. Every summer I have to make a pilgrimage to some sort of body of water or else my summer is incomplete. It makes me sad in all sorts of ways, it’s like a summer unlived.
This being the case, I have a very particular routine when it comes to Ocean City. First thing’s first, Thrasher’s fries.

 I always make this face when I eat them. My dad calls it the funk face, when you’re listening to something really funky, and you’re feeling it? This face.

I also do it when I’m eating something I enjoy.
Vitor got in on the shot,

 then Alesha.

Also tradition, Fisher’s pop corn. I don’t tend to buy it for myself, but as gifts for the poor saps that couldn’t make it, like my sister this time. 

But this time, Alesha and I decided to flip tradition and get Fractured Prune’s donuts. 
They’re not lying, their donuts are always hot. It’s exhilarating to hold a hot box of donuts, lemme tell you.

And to the beach we headed.
Well, by we I mean (in order from the center) Lidia, Vitor, David, and Alesha. Somebody had to stay behind and watch the donuts.

And take selfies.

 Alesha then had the bright idea to get buried in the sand.

 Then it was time for pin-up photos on the beach.

Then walking around to find the best spot for some grub.

 We decided to give Guido’s Burritos a try. Mostly because the Brazilians rationalized their decision as, “It’s probably rice and beans. We like rice and beans. It’ll be good.”

 It was! I didn’t take any food photos because I ate it so fast. And I may have had too much of a giant margarita.

 Near nightfall, I wanted to end my trip like I had so many times before, on a ferris wheel.

 I should note that I’m terrified of them. When I’m high in the air, I have a pretty intense reaction. I immediately freeze up, and I can’t breath or think or move.

But David and Lidia have no fear.

 But I never let go of the guardrail.

 But I did smile.

 Lastly, we enjoyed some souvenirs and ice cream.

That’s a whole lotta ice cream, Lidia!

Took some more photos,

and called the end to a great day, and a great summer.
So from here, fall begins! Fall is my favorite season. It’s beautiful, it’s cool, it’s perfect. 
Alesha and I began fall with the Fell’s Point Festival. 
And I don’t have many photos, because between drinks, food, and adoptable cats—-

 There wasn’t much time for me to step out of the action and take photos.
(Silly excuse I know! But I’ll do better, I promise!)
So take this photo of me drinking from a coconut (ahh, how refreshing are these memories!)

and we’ll call it even, okay?

I’ll see you soon. I’m concocting some Autumn Adventures, a family vacation, and maybe a solo trip of my own (I have a few places in mind, but I’m open
to suggestions). 
Mwah! Bye!

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