Spring / Summer Feelings

It’s finally warm! After what seemed like the winter of our discontent, the sun is out, the sky is blue- not grey, and it’s warm. Good things happen in the warmth (and folks get brown in the sunshine). So here’s what’s been happening.
My friend Alesha (featured in this blog) wondered why the blog was solely travel related, and why not post things about the day to day.
Well, simply put, my day to day is boring. I work, I sleep, I eat, I read, I blog, I go to class, I rinse, I repeat. Thass about it.
But do know, that my current hobby is container gardening. 
See? Containers? The order, from left to right is strawberry, spinach, bell pepper, strawberry, spinach+carrot, canteloupe, peppermint, lavender, and basil.
It keeps me occupied, and I dote on them daily, aphids be warned! There are two lil’ strawberries forming too (they may be mutants, and I’m afraid to eat them! I don’t like deformed fruit! They grew too soon… they weren’t ready!).
But yes, that’s what I do typically. I’m even taking a TESOL certification course so I can teach English abroad. It’s a great class, and seems like a useful skill to have for somebody like me who can’t stay in one place too long.
So last night while at work, my two coworkers mentioned HoneyPig. They told me about it a while ago, it’s a Korean barbecue restaurant with all the fixings, including K-pop. I got a little nostalgic for the two times I’ve encourntered Korean barbecue and my mouth started watering. The first was when I was 15 in Japan, and it was our last meal of the trip (I know right, I remember them saying, ‘This is Korean!’ and thinking, ‘But why?‘) and the second time was when I was doing my internship at the Smithsonian and outside of the offices was a Korean barbecue food truck, that was always there when I needed it (thanks to that food truck, I stayed broke through the duration of the intership). So the thought of HoneyPig that night was just…tantalizing. 
So I said yes. 
And there we went.
beef, kimchi, and pork
I didn’t take many photos, but there was this photo of me snapped during our time there. This clearly illustrates my first taste of the bubbles in bubble tea. 
I don’t want bubbles in my tea.
Mango bubble tea is delicious, they said. Try it, you’ll like it, they said.

But yes, HoneyPig, don’t regret it. Highly recommend it, and can’t wait to go again soon.
The next day, I went to fulfill a date I had with the aformentioned Alesha. We had the sole goal of tasting Cap’n Crunch French Toast at Blue Moon Cafe.
aww, a yellow submarine! The faces of musicians decorate the walls, and “Riders on the Storm” plays over the speakers


 So? Was the trip to this big blue house worth it?

 What do you think?

Oh, you want me to tell you what I thought? Oh. Well duh, it was worth it. It’s a bit of a splurge, but when you get your plate with its fresh fruits (that taste like the best kind of crunchberry) and crunchified french toast pieces, you realize you made a good decision. It was awesome.

So later, we took a stroll around Fells.

 Then took some togetheries.

Crabcorn made me chuckle a bit.
I played with my “kimono”

And even though I go BACK to work tomorrow, these two days were my weekend, and I’m really glad I did something for it for once. Is this what summer feels like?

Cheers! (to the freaking weekend)


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