Me and Baltimore have had a weird relationship. You could say that we tolerate each other.
I on one hand, tolerate Baltimore’s lack of available non-parallel parking and crime. I even let that time my car got broken into slide. I did!
Baltimore, on the other hand, tolerates my insane country-girl expectations of space and quiet and crystal-clear nights. It even forgave me for all those parked cars I hit trying to go around the city.
But have we grown to love each other, Baltimore and I? Not really. But we’re working on it.

So a while ago, I went to Seattle and ate a pirozhki at Piroshky Piroshky. It was good, and since then, I’ve been thinking about it. The pirozhki and bread-based food items in general.

So after doing a little digging online, I find a bakery in Baltimore that does not have pirozhki, but does have all sorts of bun-based food. I hit up my bestie Alesha, and we head out to The Bun Shop.

It’s in the Mount Vernon neighborhood. A place of bistros, cafes, and yarn bombing poles.
If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I really love bread.

You know that Sophia Loren quote, “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti” ? Change that to bread, and you get me. I owe all of my curves, rolls, and fat deposits to good ole’ yeast rolls at Golden Corral.
But I digress.

So yes, the Bun Shop. Yum.

Upon going inside, we’re confronted with a wide open space with school-style lunch tables and Victorian couches.
Alesha and I take a while to pick a bun, so we pick two.
I go for the pork bun and empanada.
Alesha went for two of the cheese options. Apple and Ham gru..gruyere

 I’m pretty sure I swallowed my buns whole, delicious. The pork bun was a pleasant surprise. I thought it would be more salty, but it turned out to be a savory and sweet option. I absolutely loved my buns.
Later, Alesha and I decided to walk around a bit. We were near downtown, so we stopped by two more places. One of them being Milk & Honey, a cafe and market full of wholesome ingredients. I bought a Sweet Potato Rum Cake. You can put my quote about it on the packaging for it,

“It took me to the precipice of decadance and teased me. Then it said, “Ssshhh!”, did a flip, and disappeared.”

I’m not sure if I loved it or hated it, I’m totally not sure. I have a little bit left, I may just finish it in the late night hours.
Later, we walked around to Dooby’s for Happy Hour.

We got Riesling. Oh yeah. Winos unite!

Here Alesha and I talked about our single lives, our dedication to becoming wine connoisseurs, and learning to love Baltimore. Alesha’s a native of New York, and I of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Baltimore has always proven to be strange and difficult. It’s never what you think it is, and you have to make a bit of an effort to find something you love.

For example, we walked around so much we ended up at a tattoo shop, spoke about potential tats *and piercings* with the staff, and explored the city. Baltimore is like an onion, you gotta peel the layers to get to know it’s funky style.
So we were both getting to know Baltimore. 
You could say we’re dating.
Also, Dooby’s is a great place for dates. It’s got a cool atmosphere, specialty beers, great wines, and awesome desserts. 
The goal for this summer is coconut everything. And this Thai-Coconut Rice Pudding with Cashews and Mango is just … delightful. Perfect addition to the Summer plan.

Alesha got pie. 

So yes, today was a grand day of playing around in Baltimore, getting to know the ins and outs of the city and all in all, just having a good time with what it offered. There’s so much I have yet to see and know about Baltimore and I’ve been here for what? Five years?
I’m gonna change that.
Baltimore and I are going steady.


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