This is how you do the Tim Tam Slam

So while getting ready for …whatever I’m doing with my hair tonight (I improvise), I spotted the Tim Tams I bought my sister while in Seattle. Being that she gave me the entirety of the caramel ones I bought her, I am now a fan, and they were open.

So now I’m gonna teach y’all how to do the Tim Tam Slam.
First, you’ll need some Tim Tams and some milk.

Now that you’re prepared, bite both sides of the Tim Tam.

Now use the wafer like a straw, and drink some milk!

Now eat the soggy cookie!

Now while going through making the gifs for this post, I ate about four cookies or so. I hope my sister doesn’t mind!

Yum, these cookies are awesome! They’re pretty hard to find, but if you see ’em, buy em!



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