A Tough Love (with Thank You Notes)

Today was my last day in Seattle. It was a bittersweetness that I did not expect. I have a tendency to cry and bawl upon leaving a new place I’ve been in for a for only a little while. This was no different. I’ve been making a scene from the light rail where I said my goodbyes, to the airport terminal where I’ve been bawling into my scarf.
But anyway.
Today was slow. I ate dragonfruit, then checked out of my hotel, and caught the shuttle downtown.

I wanted another Russian beef pastry, but the line wrapped around the shop, so we passed on that and ate some cupcakes (“Seattle’s Best”).

There were so many sweets, I couldn’t decide on what to get. Ice cream or cupcake?



So I got both. Banana fudge ice cream and triple chocolate “babycakes.” I bought a tumbler to commemorate the experience, and as a result, am able to get free drinks whenever I stop by (in Seattle…), so I got a soda as well.

Later I stopped by to see my boyfriend Jimi.

And went antiquing and rummaging through thrift stores. I wish I could show you photos of these places, but photography isn’t allowed. I did, however, sneak a picture of this Color Me Badd patch.

And later these… train… streets? I’m not sure, they had little birdhouses built into them.

Later we stopped by The Unicorn for a drink. The Unicorn is a bar/restaurant that I feel like I have too few tattoos to be in.

It has a crazy atmosphere.

Stephanie ordered an Americorn, it tasted like a Rocket Pop.



I got the fried snickers bar. It looks like… something…. yeah… something unusual.
Tasted like heaven though.

Afterwards, we made our way back to the Westlake Light Rail stop.

We took some last photos before I left.

Seth, Me, and Stephanie

Mannnn, here’s where things get sentimental… so bear with me.

Thank you notes,

First and foremost, thank you Stephanie and Seth for being gracious hosts. I know that my presence probably drained your wallets, and took up a lot of your time, but please do know, it is much appreciated. I freaking adore you Stephanie, and it’s so weird and amazing how we’ve been growing up while growing literally almost 3,000 miles away from each other, and we still click so well. This trip has been one for the record books!
It has been a cool experiment in what I am capable of, doing this adult thing, and what we both are capable of as a team. I love you a lot and man, I’m gonna miss you! We gotta do this more often is what I’m saying.
Also, a big thank you to the city of Seattle for being so amazing. I’ll go into detail about this tomorrow after I’ve had some rest and time to reflect, but I have a lot of great memories of this big, strange, and rainy city.

So goodbye Seattle, and see you soon,



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