an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

good fortune; luck
Today, Stephanie and I started out at Whole Foods for breakfast. From here you could see the Space Needle.

T’was another rainy day in Seattle, dreary and cold. You know, the usual. Stephanie was worried that the view from the needle would be impaired, but I forged onward, I knew my mom wanted photos about it!
So you pay for the trip, then go inside where you are funneled into an elevator. Forty-seven seconds later you’re at the top, over 500 feet up in the air. As you rise you get peeks outside and man, lemme tell ya, it’s terrifying. I have an iffy relationship with heights, and looking at these glimpses of altitude made me panic inside. But before you get the chance to freak out, you’re there.

All around are lil’ info screens that tell you details about Seattle, but I figured I’d take my chances on the observation deck.

 I’m not sure if you can see it, but nearby buildings have painted stuff on their rooftops for people to see. These spiders have been around for a few years now.

 Some of the facts they included around the observatory were unbelievable.

Oh, camera glare, you get me every time.

 You press the button and  get a bit of perspective. That lil’ bulb powers that bright tower.

 Also, apparently that doodle is supposed to be the early version of the Space Needle, go figure.

 So while walking around the area, we went into the Seattle Armory to kill time. We noticed a sign that said, Cues and Tattoos, and naturally, we followed where it led us.
And bam, a belly dance festival.

 Stephanie and I have been in talks about taking classes for the longest time, and the fact that we stumbled upon a belly dance festival was completely surprising yet appropriate. Serendipitous, if you will.
Then as we left, we stared at this fountain for a bit. Stephanie says it’s beautiful in the Summer so, if you happen to be in Seattle during the Summer, there ya go.

 Later we went antique-ing, and I resisted the urge to buy jewelry or records. Today was not about my souvenirs, but everyone else’s!

 Whenever I visit antique stores, I like to play a (sad) game called, “Spot the racist stereotypes.”

 It was too easy.

 Later, Stephanie led me to this disgusting wall of gum. People are nasty.
Y’all nasty.

 Another antique store, lots of Beanie Babies. I have fond memories of this lil’ guy named Bruno.

 Then a walk on the waterfront.

 It looked just as dark as in the photo.

 Then we played around with the squid in front of the Seattle aquarium.

 Then checked out some beads.

 Stephanie has had me going up the worst hills, I was nearly parallel to the ground.

 Then we went to the Cost Plus World Market to buy my sissy some Tim Tams (in the US they’re simply called by their brand name, Arnotts), originally named after a prize-winning racehorse.

 So then! We had passed the Grill from Ipanema on the way to the Space Needle and I instantly froze in my tracks. I had been meaning to visit the one in DC for the longest time and there it was in Seattle! Stephanie said it must have recently arrived as she hadn’t seen it before, so we hopped on in.

 Look at the manic look in my eyes! I am thrilled!

So we sat at the bar and ordered drinks. I got the Barra (coconut rum with coconut milk) and she got the banana colada.

The entire time a radio was playing Brazilian classics. Whenever I heard one I knew I felt the ultimate rush of nostalgia and longing.

 Coxinha (co-sheen-ya), doughy chicken nuggets! They were awesome. Stephanie was impressed.

 Fruit salad.

 We got a second round of drinks. I got the Ipanema (strawberry with sugarcane rum and condensed milk) and stephanie got the Barra this time.

 Then we ate MOST of the appetizers on the menu. From cheese bread, to yucca fries, and more chicken nuggets.

I was in heaven!
Until we both ate too much, but the waiters and bartenders kept us in good company, the entire time was a blast.
Um, today I bought, 
  1. Dee’s Tim Tams
  2. Three Egyptian wallets
  3. Two Space Needle pins.

Tonight is the beginning of the end. Who knew it would come so soon! 
Stay tuned for a how-to, thank you notes, and a ten things I will miss about Seattle.
See you soon,

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