I Am So Underdressed

So yesterday I put some eyeshadow in my hair, some lipstick on my face, and some comic panels on my clothes and went to breakfast before the Emerald City Comicon.

 First we stopped by a Russian bakery for some beef and cheese piroshkies. Delish.

 Then headed straight to ComiCon.

There was a huge line for this, I can imagine it being fun.

 The creator of The Oatmeal was there, he’s so cute.

Taking photos of people was a little iffy for me. I didn’t want to go around asking people, “Hi, I have a blog, can I take a picture of you for it?” I didn’t feel to comfy with the premise, but when I did ask, some were super happy to oblige. 
Attack on Titan is one of my fave cartoons/comics right about now. It’s about a world where giants have decimated the human population and now specialized military members (like the girl pictured above) are the only way to stop them. Shoutout to my coworker Kirk for giving me a jacket like hers. I didn’t see any Psyduck stuff, but I’ll keep looking!

My dad told me to be on the lookout for Iron Fist, I had no idea who that was! The gang I was hanging out with shouted, “There he is! Iron Fist!” So I took a picture with him.

 There were so many Links everywhere! Dark Link, Fire Temple Link, Lil’ Link, and so on. So much Zelda stuff.

 Oh, and the art! There were legendary comic artists of all sizes, shapes, and origins. Some of them trended towards the creepy, others the traditional, and some the cute.

There was an arcade of classic games with unlimited plays.

There was a Jack In The Box.

 And swords! There’s the Kindgom Hearts keyblade (which, man, is not a blade at all. It’s more of a blunt bludgeon that makes me weep for all of the evil folks you murder with it in the game. It’s just breaking bones!) and the Master Sword from Zelda.

 The Kingdom Hearts keyblade has always had a special place in my heart as far as video game swords go. It makes a jingling every time you swing it because of the lil’ Mickey Mouse chain attached to it. Such a nice touch.

 More art. Look how they put the lil’ pasties on Kermit the Frog.

 There was so much art! I love/hate going to venues like this because I want to support and buy from everyone there! I want a huge girl with the words Chocolate Cthulhu on my wall!

 Also, lots of comics with really high prices. I kept explaining to people, “I don’t collect, what’s the trashiest cheapest comic you can get me?” And they kept pushing that the $50 and $110 comics were totally worth the value because they were the original east coast prints!

 Also, legos. So many legos there was a huge line just to see them up close.

 Lord of the Rings fans will recognize this scene.

 In between the ComiCon we stopped by Cinerama for Chocolate Popcorn. Yum.

 And then to GameWorks to eat and well, play games.

 So, the souvenirs? Once again, I totally blew my budget. I’m going to be living like a pauper when I get back.

  1. The chocolate popcorn.
  2. Ebola. Um, let me explain. I read the Hot Zone in high school and since then, have been a little obsessed with the disease and just diseases overall that have such destructive potential. I’ve been wanting this lil’ informative plushie for a while, and the guy just happened to be there at ComiCon. So there lil’ Ebola is. 
  3. Two nose rings. I plan on cutting them and wearing them as falsies.
  4. Dog Party Alphabet Party. It’s an alphabet book about dogs. I …. needed it.
  5. A Zelda lanyard.
  6. An Enter the Dragon original art poster.
  7. A podcast.
  8. And I think that’s it…
No wait, I forgot the airship.

If you’ve known me for a bit, you’ll know that I bought myself a lil’ necklace by In God We Trust online for $14 once that said “fireworks” and have been wearing it ever since. Something about the size of the lil’ heart, the color of brass, and my love of fireworks merged to make the perfect daily necklace. I’ve been looking for its replacement lately simply because I want to switch it up, and I attach too much meaning into my jewelry! So while walking around the convention floor I stumbled upon a stall for Museum of Robots. They had all sorts of metals with spaceships, robots, and airships. Something about the shape of the lil’ Zeppelins spoke to me. I don’t see it and think Hindenburg (although I did after I stared for a long time at the silver looking ones), I see it and think of a light hearted romp though the sky, with some prolonged hoverings over places that one enjoyed. I don’t know… but I bought it and it will now be the daily necklace.
So today should be souvenirs for my peeps and traditional touristy stuff. 
See you soon,

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