This is how you eat Rambutan.

The other day at the Pike Place Market, Stephanie and I happened upon a fruit stand with this terrifying fruit.

The fruit stand seller explained that it was a Rambutan, a fruit found in Southern Asia. For a dollar, I could try it and experience the world of hairy fruit (in every culture where this fruit grows, it got the name hairy fruit). Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to eat a new fruit, I gave him a dollar and put the fruit in my pocket.
The next day, I brought it out at breakfast.
It’s hairy and small. The hairs are curly, and kind of hard. Step one is to peel it.
This part proved more difficult than I anticipated. I used a butterknife, and it took a lot of pressure to cut into the skin. Once it is cut, however, juices start spurting out, and the white, jelly… eyeball-looking fruit appears from underneath. 
Now, you eat the fruit, being mindful of the seed in the middle.

 Um, as for the taste… well… it’s almost like a grape. In both the texture and the taste, but otherwise, it’s… not. Stephanie likened it to Lychee, and if you’re familiar with bubble tea, you’ll know what she means. The rambutan is a relative of lychee, so that probably explains it. But um, neither of us finished, it was just a little too strange.

But we tried! 
And now you know how to eat rambutan. If you see one in your local grocery store, you now know what to do with it!

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