Today was super eventful. So I’ll begin with the morning.
Firstly, I’ve figured out how to properly get downtown. It’s much more efficient, and much cheaper. So I meet with Stephanie at the mall, buy a bath bomb at Lush and some Green Tea Pocky, and we head to get breakfast.

 This long post will be brought to you by my iPhone, which, held me down with all these photos. I broke my SD card, and put my camera out of commission. So all of these photos are thanks to my phone.

 Breakfast at the Pike Place Bar and Grill was wonderful.

Italian Sodas!

We’ve turned into those people taking photos of food!

 Today was a good day! There was no rain! Both Stephanie and I brought out the boots and umbrellas prepared for a downpour, and the sun actually came out! This made the walk to Pioneer Square a pleasant one.

 Oh man, we had a blast stopping by a toy store.

 There’s a series of toys that, instead of humans, uses animal families. If it was around when I was a child, I would never have left home!

 A happy lil’ turtle.

 About here is where i realized that this toy store wasn’t solely for kids.

 And where I also found the book of my dreams.

Let’s just say this book has a twist ending that’s completely worth the award it won.

 Later, we stopped by a store full o’ stones!

 And then went to a soda tasting.

 Stephanie and I have a strategy of, “If it looks interesting, go into it.”

Sometimes this strategy is a complete bust, for example, we ended up in an umbrella store with $200 umbrellas once. Other times, like this time, we ended up spending a half hour trying tasty sodas like Rhubarb and Lavender. The ginger one was so clean it felt like a punch in the throat. The flavors are so clear in these sodas. My favorite ended up being Cucumber (so crisp, so refreshing!), and Stephanie bought Lavender.
 Later we walked to Chinatown.

 Passed the stadium.

 And bam, there we were.

 Later we ended up spending a bit of time at the hobby shop with our main man Bruno.

 Bruno’s the guy you want to speak to for anything model and resin related (where was he when I was making resin jewelry?!), and the store builds all of the models you see around the store. They are super impressive.

 Bruno told us to look for him at the Emerald City ComiCon tomorrow, and his artwork too later on!
Then we went to the Pink Gorilla. They offer video games of all kinds and ages, along with the cute lil’ accessories to boot. If you’re a videogame fan, especially one of obscure games, you should stop on by.

 So off we went to the Kinokuniya bookstore…

I have no idea what Obama now has to do with Goodnight Moon, if you can read it, lemme know!

 Then we stepped into the grocery store where both Stephanie and I blew our budgets on tea, accessories, and food.

 Heads up, stay away from Soju! Don’t let Mr. Gangnam Style here lead you into it, it tastes like sweet water, and you’ll never see the drunkeness hit you! Too good.. there’s you’re heads up!

 Afterwards, we realized what we did wrong- Went to the grocery store hungry! Don’t ever do it. So we went to get food.
We ended up at a restaurant called J. Sushi, it had the best looking exterior and menu options! But it wasn’t open yet, so we sat down and ate the cheesecake we bought at the grovery store.

I liked it, it didn’t really taste like cheesecake, but if you like green tea (and are keeping track of how often we’ve eaten green tea things today, this marks the second of three) you’ll enjoy it. The waitress looked over and said, “Cheesecake…. in a box? Is it… frozen???”

 So we ate food and enjoyed the sunlight coming through the windows while discussing boys.

 And ate more gyoza. I love Gyoza. It’s a dumpling filled with …pork? or chicken?, and is pan fried.

 We both tried something new, Stephanie tried salmon (Why is it pink?! It’s even pink when you cook it!?) and I tried Niku Udon. It was a really deep bowl, and the broth was delish! It’s beef with noodles, and the broth has onions, mushrooms, and … I forget what the other stuff is. It’s green. Just try it, it’s good. You’ll feel like a lumberjack eating such a hearty meal.

 Then we walked around to get some stuff for the Convention tomorrow.

 We called it a day early so we could have enough time to do our hair! So in all, today I bought,

  1. A new SD card so I can actually use my camera tomorrow.
  2. Two eyeshadows to put in my hair. Don’t ask, you’ll see.
  3. Dry Cucumber Soda.
  4. Flowering tea.
  5. A bath bomb.
  6. A heart-shaped tea strainer. 
  7. A lil’ tumblr with a sumo wrestler on it.
  8. Another green tea drink!
  9. And calpico, which I won’t mention.
Oh, PS, tune in later for a tutorial on how to eat one of these items in our hands.


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