Today for me began at 7am, and although I sometimes wake up around 7 back home, I think my body thought it was 10 am, and said, “Kristina, you’re late for work!”
So I woke up to this,

(Sorry for the timestamp, my camera doesn’t know we’re in a different time zone.
Um, so yeah, it was sorta bright, but still cloudy, something I’m told is a norm in Seattle.
So first things first, I decide to catch a cab downtown to meet my bestie. The process was easy, I booked the cab online and boom, it was there. I even paid him through my phone and, by the way, the cab was $37. Never again. Apparently, in booking my hotel, I didn’t think about where it was in relation to where I wanted to be most of the time. I just wanted something near the airport, which it is, but it’s also relatively far from downtown Seattle. The cab fare reflected this.
I meet my friend Stephanie near the mall for brunch. We walk a few blocks to the Five-Point Cafe, “Alcoholics serving alcoholics since 1929.”

This is Stephanie, we’ve been friends since third grade.
So like the tagline says, the Five Point Cafe serves alcohol all day, and the menu is also served all day. In looking up places to eat in Seattle, it kept coming up, so I went on an empty stomach and ordered some food and drinks.

 This drink combo was called “Pancake Breakfast”, Jameson whiskey with butter scotch liqueur, served with orange juice. 
 The nice (and cute) guy who was serving us took some pictures of us.
 As he served us he said, “You two are looking too happy to be in Seattle at 10am right now.” He was right, in a place where everybody is sipping whiskey while it drizzled outside in 50 degree weather, we were the biggest smiles in the place. Catching up is hard work, and we’ve been talking a mile a minute. It’s all so exciting, these are good times!

 The food was awesome! The serving sizes were ample, and I completely overestimated my hunger. I wanted something salty, and then I always want bread, so I thought steak and eggs with a side of French toast would be appropriate. Wrong. That steak was huge, and I wasn’t ready!

 Later we decided to walk to the Pike Place Market, or Public Market Center. A huge area of shops that sold everything from records to fruit to jewelry. But first, here’s a statue shaped like Popsicles.

 We plan on visiting Pike Place Market again later, and I’ll have more pictures for you. But for now, do know that this piggy is named Rachel, and she’s all over the market.

Afterwards, Stephanie and I met up with her friends at Wann, a Japanese restaurant for happy hour. I would have taken pictures, but I ate all of my food and drank of my drinks before I even considered it. I love me some Gyoza!
So about my budget…
I totally, TOTALLY, overspent. From the taxi, to the souvenirs, to the …well, you’ll see. They worked me over pretty hard in that Market! I was able to haggle a bit, but they saw me and knew, “This girl likes a deal on jewlery.”

So yeah, bought some lil’ pearl earrings and some gold lined shell earrings.
This item was a splurge I’ve been considering for a bit, and it only seemed right that I take advantage of the opportunity presented by the store…

Pink rainboots by Dr. Martens. The shoes I brought with me were soaked through our trek today, and when we passed by the store, I couldn’t help but peek. In Seattle it just kinda drizzles most days, and with April showers around the corner back home, these seemed like destiny.

I also bought chocolate. I was once told that one of the worst things one could buy for fun was food, as it wouldn’t be worth it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. This is an exception. So far I’ve nibbled on the S’mores flavor and man, it’s good. It’s even got graham crackers in it, it’s so good!

Also, a coin purse shaped like a cat, and an anklet of bells.
I also bought some fruit, which I will talk about tomorrow with another how-to on how to eat it. So um, that’s it. Day one down, it seemed to go by so fast! I’m running out of time! I gotta be wary of my budget too, which reminds me…
I took the light rail back to the airport, and the free shuttle back to the hotel for $2.75.
A thirteenth of what I paid to get downtown.
Lesson learned.

See you soon,



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