The New Idea Behind This Blog

A lot has happened in the past year.
Firstly, I graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in sociology. (yay!)
I moved into an apartment with my sister (yay? no, I’m kidding, we get on well…most of the time)
Then I got accepted to teach abroad in Chile and for a moment, things went into a tailspin.
As you know, I like to travel, I like to learn languages, and the idea of doing both while teaching kind of inspired me. I wrote the cryptic message on this blog about it having a part two, and began looking up all of the interesting excursions I could take while in Chile.
After much ado about worrying, I turned down the opportunity to start my Master’s degree in international studies.
It’s a decision that even today I’m not too sure about. While I enjoy school, I’m not exactly enjoying my time there. I think my mind completely checked out of the student/university mentality, and to be thrust back into it when you didn’t plan on it is… exhausting. I think I needed that break.
Nevertheless, here I am. So what will become of this blog?
For starters, this blog will become a simple travel blog. I’m going to now post about my experiences in Baltimore, my current home, my trips to different cities, and who knows what else next.
This blog’ll start with new posts next week with my trip to Seattle, Washington to visit one of my best friends.
So tune in to the new “Maravilha Kristina” (mar-uh-vee-ya, marvel/wonder in Portuguese) as things unfold. It should be a good time.



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