Praia do Flamengo, My Last Day

Today we had two parties, visited the beach, and maxed out my funds.
I made sure I got as much as possible. I hope I covered everyone’s gifts. If I missed you, I’m sorry, please accept a magnet as a momento.
Where was I? Oh, well yes, we went to our Portuguese class party (I got an A, claro que sim (of course)). We partied, ate food, drank soda, and took pictures.

Later I finally got my chance to take a picture of/with the fat ladies. Well, I call ’em that, but they’re statues representing the three main influences in Brazil; Native American, African, and European. I took a picture with the African.

 Later, I convinced my friends to head over to Praia do Flamengo. An hour long bus ride, but the beach is soooo nice, I had to return.

 For some reason, I kept my skirt on most of the time, and pulled it up on me like a shirt. I don’t get it, but it sorta matched!

 This is my, “Oh crap, this water went higher than I expected’ face.

 Later we saw this.

I’m trying not to think that I won’t be visiting beaches and shopping and eating and drinking and resting and sleeping anymore. It’s almost brought me to tears, but I’m keeping a cool head. I’m gonna go hang out with my friend Cody for the night, then come back home to say goodbye to my Brazilian family. This is the end, I love you Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. I’ll be back soon. Ate breve.
(My final post will be up tomorrow morning. Leave questions and comments in the comment box, and I’ll get back to you when I’m home. It’s almost time!)


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