Praia do Flamengo At Night

Today, because I woke up late, my friend and I were pressed for time to head to the beach. But we forged ahead at 4 o’ clock, and got on the bus for Praia do Flamengo. It’s winter here in Brazil, and the sun sets at around 5:30.
We arrive at 5:17!
And it was beautiful.

These photos don’t do it justice. The moon was out, the beach was warm still. Instead of sloping like most beaches, the beach was mostly flat and even, so the waves would come up further and the water would remain longer. As the moon rose, you could see it’s reflection on the wet sand, and we were reminded that we didn’t want to leave. It was just soooooooooo pretty, and the beach is quite tranquil and quiet, a stark contrast to the beach we’ve been frequenting all month, Porto do Barra.
I’m going back tomorrow to picnic for my last day in Brazil. Gonna take lots of photos, gonna get in the water, gonna relax.
Crap. I still have souvenirs to buy!

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