So Yesterday I Went To A Rave…

We paid about fifty or so bucks. It was a concert, amusement park, bar event called Playground.

 These pics are from the event’s facebook page.


It’s raining relentlessly all afternoon, and when we arrive, our first steps are into a huge puddle of mud.
My yellow Converse were a bad decision.
But we have fun. I actually get to see Marcelo D2 in concert, and I knew a song he played (I always consider that an accomplishment)

Everything was going swimmingly until I got my ticket ripped up by a security guard, promptly bringing an end to the party.
It was for the best though, the party was a blur of electronic music (and Rihanna, LOVE Rihanna), churrasco, and mud. I slept until one this morning, and I woke up to realize I hadn’t even taken off my shoes.
Beach today. Time to chill.


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