Today we went to explore Cidade Baixa. The trip was in some ways longer than we expected, making Salvador seem like an immense city that we had barey scratched the surface of- which is true. We were nowhere near understanding the city, and the trip to our destination was a reminder of that.
Our destination was the Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, or… The Church of Our Father of Good Endings -the good ending being heaven. It’s a Catholic church in the hills of Salvador that is known for distributing the fitinhas, the ribbons you see all over Bahia.

They’re tied to the entrance gates for good measure. If you’re given a ribbon, it’s wrapped around a limb and knotted three times for good luck. If you let if fall off, your wishes and good luck will have come true, if you take it off, nothing… or bad luck. Try your luck!

 The church is known for granting miracles! So people often send in their thanks via things that are special to them, and the church has acquired a large collection of items.

Including the creepy assortment of body part casts. Let’s say you broke your arm and you prayed for it to heal, when it did, you were so grateful, you wanted the church to have proof of your recovery, so you make a cast of your arm and send it in. 

 I had to sign the guestbook. I put ‘Maryland!’ with an exclamation mark.
Later we walked to the nearby Farol, a lighthouse.

 My friend and I attempted to do the ‘look I’m holding X!” photo, but we know nothing of foreground and background photography whatnot. Close enough!

 And lastly, another church.

A good day, but it made me realize how little of Salvador I’ve seen. I’m gonna work extra hard these next final days to cover as much ground as possible. I have to!

This is my, “I can do it!” face. Aproveite!


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