I forgot to tell you about the market of São Joaquim. We didn’t stay long, essentially a quick walk through, but the market was full of, as my host mother said, “Everything you need.” From lanterns made from cans (so awesome, I wish I could have bought one, I just might, if a metal lantern wasn’t a fire hazard), to goats and Angolan chickens, it was a full on culture shock of items. Including a meat market in which, you guessed it, open meat lay around in every kind of cut. For the vegetarians on our tour, it was something they wish they had never seen, for the carnivores on our trip, it was also something they wish they had never seen or smelled!
Speaking of meat, yesterday night we went out to Sal e Brasa for churrasco. For those not familiar with churrasco, think Fogo de Chão. For those not familiar with Fogo de Chão, think ALL THE MEAT THAT YOU CAN POSSIBLY EAT, and more.

Oh, and cheese bread, pão de queijo.

The dinner was bittersweet. We were bidding adeus to our colleagues headed to São Paulo for the semester, and also getting ready for our final days in Bahia.

Le sigh, for me, it’s pretty much five days left from here. I’m feeling the urge to shop my pain away, so that I can always have something to look at to remind me of my time here. That’s probably why I bought this chicken.

Every time I look at it, I laugh. It’s a box you can put stuff in, and it’s reminiscent of Galinha da Angola, like I mentioned before.

With these last days I’m gonna shop til I drop, possibly go to a rave/amusement park/ concert/ bar/ all-nighter on Saturday, a cool beach on Sunday, and all around the city for pictures on Friday. I hope I can fit it all in on these last few days. But first, I should probably study for my exam tomorrow. Focus in the face of goodbyes!

Oh, PS, while doing research for my latest presentation on the musical scene of Tropicalia, I encountered this song that blew my mind. It’s my new favorite.



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