We went to Arte Consciente for a drumming lesson.

Had a lotta fun figuring out drumming rhythms (apparently, as a bass player, you’re not supposed to speed up the beat when you want to… did you know that?), and played my right hand raw. Got a little carried away.
Later that day, I went to the salon. I took my braids out, noticed a little damage, so went to get my hair blown out.
Apparently, that’s not a concept familiar to Brazilians, and an important lesson was learned. If you ever decide to practice another language, be sure to be resolute that you know what you want and what you’re saying. People will constantly try to tell you that you are not sure in what you’re saying, and you have to stick to your guns and make sure you get exactly what you want. Whether that makes you a pain or not.
No you can not see my hair.
Today, I’m gonna take it slow, probably walk around the mall a little bit and shop myself out a depression. Right after I change my hair…
Now, onde estão as tesouras?


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