Overheard Everywhere

Before I head off to class today, I figured I’d share the most heard Brazilian songs during my stay here in Brazil.
Eu quero tchu….eu quero tcha!…. eu quero tchu tcha tcha tchu tchu tcha! (This song is in commercials, it’s the cell phone ring for a woman in Brazil’s best novela, ‘Avenida Brasil’, it’s being sung by people in the street, being blasted by speakers, every band I’ve heard perform here has covered it)

Delícia, delícia, Assim você me mata. Ai se eu te pego, ai ai se eu te pego! (This song was released in 2008! 2008! And I still hear it everywhere!)

UPDATE: Found the other songs…

This one is the theme song to Avenida Brasil, a soap opera here in Brazil.

This song is my favorite, it’s so much fun to sing. This one, I hear everywhere, and everyone always sings along.


Let's rap a taste

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