Being that mango isn’t a local fruit in Maryland, I don’t see it often, and it definitely isn’t on the radar in my family’s palettes. My cousins from Florida often visit for example and ask for fruits like mango, that my family has no idea how to prepare.
In Brazil, super duper tropical is the name with fruits like pinha, goiaba, acerola, cajuaçaiand maracuja. I have developed a strong appetite for mango (I got bored with eating oranges and tangerines, and my host mother suggested mango for my vitamin C). Because of my budding love for manga, she bought some more for me to enjoy. Some mango was left in the fridge for me today, so I figured I’d eat some in the morning, cut myself a slice, and make it part of my breakfast.
Nobody ever told me mango was a “stone fruit.” In other words, much like coconut has a hard outer shell to protect the seed inside, within a mango, is a hard inner shell to protect its seed, only it’s flat. I learned this the hard way, as I tried to cut the mango in half and the knife ran into a hard point half way there. I kept trying to saw away at what I thought was just a pit, not getting any closer to cutting it in half over the course of an hour. Finally I gave up, faced with the fact that I had destroyed the mango and would now have to eat the entire thing.

I wish I had seen this tutorial earlier before I made this mess.

And now you know!


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