Estou Doente… I’m sick.

After finally shaking off that stomach ache, I’m now faced with a sinus infection. It was something I wasn’t expecting, but should have. My body doesn’t deal well with weather that goes to and fro, hot one day and cold the next. As a result, I’ve got a serious post nasal drip going on, along with a sore throat, and a painful cough. My asthma’s kind of kicking in as well,
I’m medicating myself with lots of chá e torradas, tea and toast!
I’m putting lots of honey in it, staying in from the rain (I literally had to walk across an ocean today to get to school. I waited to see how one woman walked through it, by grabbing a nearby gate and virtually rock climbing over it).
So I should be better soon. 
In terms of updates, well my Portuguese class has picked up. One thing my professor has been doing is correcting us for every moment we use Spanish in our Portuguese. For example, the sentence, “Eu assito a universidade Morgan State–” “Eu frequento, não assito”. It became a little daunting at first, because as it turns out, it is a bit of a problem in our class. She began to write a list of every Spanish word we said and over time, it became long. But tis the problem of being/or becoming trilingual. Every other language you know is a distraction of sorts in your brain, and you have to actively tune them out to speak. It can be difficult, but not impossible.
I know because I’ve seen it. It’s doable.
Okay, enough chatting for now. I’m going to watch Besouro for my clase de-did it again. I’m going to watch Besouro for my aula de Portuguese and drink tea. 
Boa noite!


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