Today my colleagues and I traveled to Praia do Forte, a lil’ beach town in the State of Bahia, about a 90 minute ride. Praia do Forte reminds me a bit of Epcot, Disneyland, and the world showcase. Essentially, it’s a lil bungalow village that’s an imitation of the rest of Brazil….
For me it is. You, não sei.
Anyway, we first visited the ruins of a castle, Garcia D’Ávila Castle, an important historical monument in Brazil, that I’m sure my archaeology professor would adore.

At this sight my Chinese friend remarked, “I did not come all the way from China to see Chinese bowls!”




We also saw really old trees. In Candomble, this tree represents a God. It’s a pretty magnificent tree in person, and is over 100 years old. They grow up, down, and out as their new roots touch the ground and add folds to the structure.
I took the opportunity to take pictures of myself staring wistfully into the walls of the castle.

And the many windows of the castle made great frames for photos.


We didn’t spend much time in the castle because- TURTLES!

I meant, tartarugas!

Oddly enough sponsored by an oil company, this turtle preserve….reserve? Whatever,
rescued and nurtured sea turtles of all kinds. With a little park for us to look at the miracle of life.
Speaking of the miracle of life…

It was the only egg I could fit into!

 Oh, I guess by the miracle of life, I meant these guys.

I swear one of them knew he was being photographed and would poke his head out of the water as best as he could. Adorbz.

Lastly, we visited the beach, where these fallen palm trees had been buried under the sand. I found it quite interesting looking.
Later on today…well, yesterday, I went to Sankofa bar and restaurant in Pelourinho. It was Afrobeat night and I couldn’t miss that! Had a lotta fun, and met some lovely ladies who really made me miss my afro.


But alas, as me and my afro go through a trial separation, it’s this distance that is making me grow fonder of it by the day. I really appreciate her more now…
Alrighty, time for sleep. The alarm is off, the pjs are on, and I am catching up for old zs.
Boa noite!

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