Portugues Para Hispanohablantes

Today I went to my first classes. The first was contemporary Brazil, and the second was portuguese for spanish speakers. I don’t consider myself a Spanish speaker, with just over three years of studying Spanish, I don’t feel any more as proficient than the second year, mostly because I don’t have a lot of conversational experience. I never get the chance to speak, so I felt that I didn’t need the class.
But the other day, when I opened my mouth to a native speaker, she instantly cut me off to say, ‘Voce fala espanhol, ne?’, ‘You speak Spanish, don’t you?’
So I guess people can tell.
I could understand the gist of what my professor was saying in contemporary Brazil. He spoke fast and animatedly, but I could always grasp the bulk of his message. Same for the Portuguese class. We haven’t started my Portuguese class yet, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting. My professor is enthusiastic. She played a little game with us in which she would say a word, and we had to decide if it was Spanish or not. We didn’t do well. So I think I’ll need this class.
I’m exhausted, so I’ll write more later, with pictures hopefully.


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