(Arg, that timestamp is wrong! I hate it when that happens! Most of these photos are a day later. But oh well….)
I’m in Bahia!
In the past day and a half, a lot has happened.
I kissed my father, mother, and sister goodbye and boarded a flight to Miami, FL from Baltimore, MD. I cried, a lot, but I halfway cleaned myself up when I boarded the plane. From Miami I met up with my other CIEE colleagues. While there we met a family, two boys and their father, who were very kind and patient with us. Together we spoke about our recent trips, how clothing shopping for boys is much cheaper in America than in Brazil, and diffrentiating between avó and avô. The two boys talked about going to college, their enthusiasm making us all feel very old! Overall, however, they encouraged us to speak in Portuguese, and we did. It went well.
When it was time for our flight, we had to bid adeus to the family, promising to facebook ’em later. Their father told us all finally, “Não tenha medo.Você fala bem o português.” I felt like I had left my family all over again, they were so nice! They invited us to visit them in São Paulo, explaining that a flight from SSA, the Salvador airport, to Sampa, would be about two hours… on the flight we all entertained the idea.
Also on the flight, I got my first sights of Latin America. We flew relatively…. low? Through most of the trip, I could look down and see the lights of a city, the shape of the land, as if it was Google Earth image. I had my first sips of Guarana in a while, and the craving made me even more excited for Bahia. The stewardesses spoke in Portuguese, and my ears did their best to keep up. Overall, I got the message, “Stay in your seat, we’ll be around with dinner soon, then we’ll turn the lights low and you can sleep!”
After 7 restless hours of trying to get comfortable (which should have been easy being that I had a row of three seats to myself), I heard the pilot say “Prepare for landing.” So I looked out the window.

So after going through baggage claim with no problems, we boarded a bus to the Marazul Hotel. I have a room to myself, am enjoying it immensely, and am currently typing this from my bed. This is the view from both sides of my floor.

 Note the bright colors of some of the buildings.

Legal, no? (Cool, right?)*
I’m running low on sleep and food, and am incredibly tired. I’m going to hit the hay for a little bit until orientation time. Ate logo!

*While speaking to the young teens from Sampa, we tested our textbook’s lingo on them. Any language learner who has had to use a textbook knows that often, by the time certain slang words are printed, they are out of style to the public. When we told the boys, ‘legal!’ they looked at us strange, then an older gentleman stepped in our conversation to say, ‘Yes, legal, it means cool… It meant cool.’ And with that, we began to doubt every thing we had learned!


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