Excursions: The Accidental Texturizer

Hello everyone, welcome to Excursions. A new series of essays about my adventures travelling. Being that the blog … Continue Reading

Why I Will Miss Salvador, Bahia

I’ve been contemplating the simple reasons why I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Salvador, Bahia, and … Continue Reading

Praia do Flamengo At Night

Today, because I woke up late, my friend and I were pressed for time to head to the … Continue Reading

So Yesterday I Went To A Rave…

We paid about fifty or so bucks. It was a concert, amusement park, bar event called Playground.  These … Continue Reading

Barhopping Singalong

Just know, that while celebrating my friend’s birthday in Pelourinho, we were verbally ambushed by some Brazilians who … Continue Reading

Cidade Baixa

Today we went to explore Cidade Baixa. The trip was in some ways longer than we expected, making … Continue Reading

This is how you eat Pinha.

I’ve only had Pinha here once in Brazil, but it was a memorable experience, and I like the … Continue Reading

Winding Down.

I forgot to tell you about the market of São Joaquim. We didn’t stay long, essentially a quick … Continue Reading

Um Minuto!

Can’t talk now, got a lotta trabalho de casa que eu vou pôr os pingos nos iii… Whoops, … Continue Reading


We went to Arte Consciente for a drumming lesson. Had a lotta fun figuring out drumming rhythms (apparently, … Continue Reading