What is A Ticket For Two?

What started as a blog to keep my family and friends up to date on my study abroad experience, has now been expanded into a bigger personal blog. In some ways it’s to remind me to keep striving to meet my goals of travel and exploration despite the hangups of money, time, and fear. In other ways, it’s to inspire you to get out and have your own adventure. You’re always invited.

Who are you?

My name’s Kristina. I’m currently a PhD student trying to keep up with school and work, all while maintaining a social life and making sure I take time out to have some fun. I’m probably the girl at lunch taking photos of food, or the girl blocking your way on the sidewalk because I got distracted by some graffiti, or maybe I’m that girl who was singing along to a rap song in her car in traffic? 

What can I expect to see?

As the blog matures, I’m hoping to provide you personal anecdotes of my own travels, shared how-tos on exotic fruit and weird snacks, adventures in bringing my experiences home with me, and attempts to make more magic happen within the constraints of budget, time, and my school schedule. A whole lot of something, is what I’m sayin’.

Where can I find you?

A Ticket for Two is on taking photos on Instagram,  tweeting nonsense over on Twitter, chatting up folks on Facebook, pinning vintage travel posters on Pinterest, and playing videogames and living life on Twitch. Go head and follow, like, and subscribe if you wanna keep up!

And drop me a line through the contact form for anything else!


See you around!