Acostomada – Getting Used to It

Last Friday I left my homestay and moved into my own apartment. Did I ever show you my homestay family?

L-R: Ana, Carmen, Coco the Dog, Jesus, and Me

The key to both my homestay and my apartment is bonkers, and you have to turn the key four times to open the door. It has four bolts, and I’ve lost at least 15 minutes total trying and failing to get inside my building, let alone my apartment door. I’ve become so much better at it by now, but man, those were embarrassing minutes.

The other day, to get the home in order, my friend Jenna and I visited IKEA.

My apartment, obviously, with all of the greens and yellows and Carmen Mirandas.
Vegetarian meatballs. I’ve been craving vegetables something serious.
Jenna went full Spaniard and got a bunch of tapas and wine from IKEA.
This is for my IKEA peeps (I used to work there for three years). The is the ICONIC IKEA PS 2002 watering can, but made pint-sized for watering water-averse plants. It’s the cutest darn thing I’ve ever witnessed in an IKEA.

Jenna also recommended me to my new favorite place, Tekoe.

A tea shop!

It immediately became my favorite because it has a wonderful aesthetic and feel, and also, MATCHA.


Okay, now back to my apartment.

My apartment is kinda …. fancy schmancy. I live with my landlady, Susana, and I have my own room and bathroom. It’s just us two. She speaks a little English, but I’m hoping she’ll use less and less of it as time goes on and my Spanish gets better. We have a good rapport so far, and I don’t have any worries.

Well, except for one.

She’s really neat and has impeccable interior design.

The kitchen is by far my favorite part of my apartment.
My bathroom from the point of view of my shower.

And if you know me well enough, you’d know that I’m a revolting slob.

I have a big vocabulary… and I’m a slob.


So I’ve got to be on my ps and qs and remain on my ps and qs to stay on her good side.

What else, oh. There’s no spices in Madrid.

I mean, nothing is seasoned to the point of complexity. Most times things are simply seasoned with salt and onions, if at all, and if you’re used to using a lot of Ms. Dash or Lawry’s or whatever, expect to find a lot of the food lacking.

Oh, and VEGETABLES. I’ve never had as intense a craving for broccoli as I’ve had since I’ve been here. My homestay for example, only had zucchini and eggplant, and the eggplant was deep fried, while the zucchini was put into a Spanish tortilla (a sort of quiche with egg and onion, most times with potato). The moment I moved in, I went to the grocery store with my roommate and got broccoli and cauliflower. I missed it so much.

Okay, I’m gonna take a quick siesta (or nap) before I go back out. I’m trying to make up for my lost birthday and enjoy tonight with my friends. Finally, I have an excuse to put on my heels!

Hasta luego!


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