A Complimentary Glass o’ Wine

I’ve been on a 14 hour air journey to Paris, and now that I’m here, I’ve got four hours to waste before I can check into my BnB.

deplaning in paris over the atlantic paris flight
I’ve contemplated dragging my luggage around the city to hit up a cafe or something, but being that I feel and probably smell like sleepiness and sweat, I would much prefer to get to a shower, pronto.
Here are some stray thoughts I’ve had in the interim.

On the flight, I got my first taste of Paris when my in-flight dinner was advertised over the speakers with a “complimentary glass of wine.”
Thinking I had misheard, I had to say the sentence that totally makes me seem like a lush,

“Um, did I hear that this dinner comes with complimentary wine?”
“Yes, would you like some?”
“……Red, please.”

Also, the same flight included a stewardess telling me, “Trust me, you want the chicken,” when I asked about the dinner options.

Like I said, I’m spending a few hours in the airport, catching up on the news at a Starbucks near the terminal. This Starbucks is hip, playing unedited Drake songs and just being uber extra with the pastries.

terminal starbucks in paris


Okay, so here we are at the BnB. Before I pass out after my 24 hour journey, here’s an update.

So, I got lost on the metro. I thought I had the route figured out, but I easily got on the same train line in both directions, wasting time. It got to the point where I just gave up and just walked from a few stops away to the BnB. I haven’t been this sleepy in a very long time!


One of the metros has a mosaic. I’m reminded of an IKEA hack I’ve been planning on coffee tables and Brazilian sidewalk patterns


The metro crossed the Seine river. There’s a mini statue of liberty on it that I wanna check out. Remind me to check it out.

Also, the metro doors here don’t open until you push the button. Crucial to remember if you know, you want to catch the metro and not have it just sit in front and then move on without you.img_0323 img_0325 img_0326

The BnB neighborhood is adorable.img_0327 img_0328 img_0330 img_0331

Let’s do this, Paris. #France #Paris

A photo posted by Kristina (@aticketfortwo) on Sep 25, 2016 at 7:02am PDT

It took me forever to figure out how to get into the BnB. The apartment had a callbox code that was given to me that took forever for me to figure out how to activate. Then I called the housekeeper in the apartment but she had left already. Then I found the keys in the mailbox, then I couldn’t figure how to use the keys. I was in the lobby for a solid 10 minutes trying to turn.a.key.

But then it worked…somehow, and I was able to get into the elevator.

The studio’s on the 7th floor.
img_0335 img_0336 img_0337 img_0338The Eiffel Tower’s in sight as well.


I took a nap and am awake now. Maybe I’ll take myself out for dinner?

Let’s chat later!



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