MAGfest 2016 – How to Be a Nerd

Hey y’all! Sorry for the delay! Grad school and work can do a number on my perceived free time. It’s taken me forever to compile this entry, so here’s an amended version.

My friend Alesha and I headed on back to MAGfest this year. It was virtually the same as last year, but instead of going to see the Game Grumps, we went to see Super Best Friends Play.

Oddly enough, Alesha and I were in the second row, but they sat to the right of us and then the podium obscured them.

These friends play video games on their Youtube channel and have a popular podcast where they discuss all aspects of video game culture and news. Some of them were play testers [folks who play games to look for bugs and give feedback] so they often talk about games from a technical perspective (their fighting game series, “Friday Night Fisticuffs” is often full of gaming jargon). Other times, they just goof around.

Elsewhere, I watched The Fat Gatsby guys compare Zelda games (Majora’s Mask for the win!)

IMG_9234Alesha and I looked at tabletop games that were FAR too complex for fun. To me they looked like homework.


This was a note left over from a previous game. Without context, it looks like the ramblings of a madman. “Don’t trust them. They are posing to attack you. We shall ally to help defend Philippines.”

IMG_9227And of course, I played lots of games, and even spotted some oldie but goodies. My Dad was a pro at Mech Warrior.
IMG_9223I also had an agenda of my own to see Pretty, Brown and Nerdy, three girls who host a Youtube show covering all aspects of pop-nerd culture, from comic books to anime. They were there presenting their documentary, “Shades of Cosplay,” which led to a super satisfying and illuminating conversation afterwards. I’ve already waxed poetic about the virtues of diverse faces in cosplay, so I won’t repeat myself here. Just know that the ladies of PB&N are so necessary in geek culture, and I’m so glad these ladies are posting tutorials on how to fit big hair under a wig because that might be necessary for me next year.

Speaking of cosplay…

Cloud, from FF7
A Pokemon Blue cartridge
Kairi from Kingdom Hearts by cosplay.hitomi
Flowey and Frisk from Undertale
Milia Rage from Guilty Gear X2
Not to be confused with Bridget, from Guilty Gear X2
Food Pyramid Head
Rikku and Tidus from Final Fantasy X,X2. Tidus is portrayed by ManaKnightCosplay, who changed costumes three times in one day. 


Amateratsu from Okami


I love cosplay, and every year I think, ‘Eh, I could do that.’ Whoknows. Maybe by Otakon, I’ll have a costume ready?

Hope to see you at the next event! I’ll leave you all with a song from a video game to mark the occasion. Uhhh, how about, Muffet’s theme from Undertale?


Enjoy and see you soon!



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