This is how you eat Dragonfruit.

The other day at the grocery store, Stephanie and I stumbled upon dragonfruit.

This wonderful fruit is present in a lot of our favorite drinks, including the Fire one from Snapple Elements, which was discontinued when we were younger.

So when I saw this nine dollar fruit, I bought it. And got super excited to try it.

The hotel doesn’t let you take silverware into your room, but I can, however, use these plastic utensils to,

Step One: Cut the fruit in half.

Turns out, it was pretty easy to do, The fruit cuts nicely.

Step Two: Pop the fruity flesh out. I have a fork (serious oversight on my part, a spoon would have been better and I’m not going downstairs again, I refuse!), but using your fingers to pop it out is just as efficient, like an avocado.

Step Three: Cut any residual skin off the flesh, and cut it up some more.

Look how pretty it is!

Much like a kiwi fruit, you can eat the seeds, but be sure to chew them, your body won’t digest them otherwise.

Lastly, eat and enjoy.

Verdict: I’m not sure how I feel about it! The taste wasn’t as strong as I anticipated it to be. It’s there, it’s a good fruit, but it’s not exactly… present. Would I buy again? Maybe, if someone was there to squeeze and sniff and smell it with me, who knew how to pick the best one. ‘Til then, I’ll just drink it.



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